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Sam Smith Is Asking For YOUR Help This Holiday Season

Posted on December 04, 2017

Here’s how you can get involved.

Sam Smith was just appointed ambassador for the War Child UK team. In case you’re not familiar, War Child’s mission is helping children in war-affected communities through providing access to education, various opportunities to better their future and justice for the hardships they’ve endured. They also take an active role in raising awareness of the impact that war has on communities. 

Since being part of this team, Sam has been on a couple of trips to the affected areas that have completely changed his outlook on life. The war-stricken conditions and effected children caused the singer to reach out to his fans. Using his large platform, Sam sent out a tweet saying: 

In a similar post, Sam discussed the incredible efforts the War Child team commits to their cause. Seeing first-hand the effect that war can have on children and their families is something very close to Sam’s heart. So he’s encouraging fans to lend a hand during this holiday season. After all, it’s the time for giving and what better way to give than to help those in need.

Sam went on to say:

For more information on the cause and how YOU can get involved, check out War Child