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Proof That There’s A Taylor Swift Song For Every #Mood

Posted on December 06, 2017

Happy Taylor. Sad Taylor. In Love Taylor & EVERYTHING in between.

Whether you’re happy, sad, angry or literally anything in between, Taylor Swift has a tune for you. With a full catalogue of great hits, we can all agree that Taylor has gone through a ton of different phases with her music. BUT what all of her songs have in common is that they’re relatable.

So whether you’re feeling blue or are on cloud nine, there’s 100% going to be a T. Swift song for that mood. Check out this mood-based playlist:

When you need to belt out some karaoke tunes.

“We Are Never Getting Back Together” is the song for you. It’s super catchy, and everyone can join in.

When you’re in the mood to celebrate and dance around the living room with friends.

Then you need to listen to “22”. Even if it’s not your birthday or if it is, and you’re not turning 22, the song has such a great beat to dance to with your pals. 

Photo: Taylor Swift, 22

When you’re feeling a little flirty.

Get “Style” blaring through your speakers now.

When you’re feeling a little sassy after the break-up.

“I Knew You Were Trouble” is the perfect tune. You know he’s wrong for you, but you can’t help but fall. SIGH.

When it all goes south with the person you thought was “The One”.

“Blank Space” literally tells the tale of love lost we’ve ALL been through. 

Photo: Taylor Swift, Blank Space

When you want to get back at the haters.

“Look What You Made Me Do” is the perfect tune to show how #unbothered you are by the gossip.

When you feel betrayed.

“Bad Blood” is the way to go. Get all your anger out from this song. Scream into that pillow. Stomp those feet. UGHHH.

All those time when you’ve been fed up with those who bring you down. 

“Mean” had got your back. Definitely a relatable song in this type of situation because let’s be real, sometimes people suck.

Photo: Taylor Swift, Look What You Made Me Do

When you’re in ~love~.

Get playing this oldie, but a goodie. “Our Song” is classic Taylor. What’s cuter than when you & bae have a song that perfectly describes you.

When you have a broken heart and just want to cry it all out.

“Teardrops On My Guitar” is a beautiful, but super sad song that will do just that (even if you have to swap that guitar for your childhood teddy bear).

Photo: Taylor Swift, Teardrops On My Guitar

When you’re feeling a little hopeful.

Then listen to “Wildest Dreams” and hop into another, more magical world.

When you’re feeling a little nostalgic.

Of course you’re going to listen to “Fifteen”. Another classic that will bring back all the feels.

Photo: Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams

When you’re feeling a bit slighted.

“You Belong With Me” is the way to go. Because nobody’s going to treat ’em like you are, right?

When it’s time for an at home dance party.

It’s definitely time for “Shake It Off” to be put on and for you to hit the dance floor. 

Photo: Taylor Swift, Shake It Off

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