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Let Sam Smith Hold Your Hand Through Every Stage Of Your Break-Up

Posted on December 07, 2017

A Sam Smith song for every step of the way.

It may be the holiday season and the most “wonderful” time of the year, but some people have hearts as cold as the winter weather. Whether it be because you were broken up with or had to do the breaking up, ending things SUCKS. We know it hurts and you’re probably feeling pretty blue.

BUT don’t worry, we’re here with a solution in the shape of Sam Smith. Along with your overloaded stash of chocolate, your BFFs and a movie marathon, of course, these Sam Smith songs are sure to get you through even the hardest parts of your heartbreak.

So courtesy of Sam, here are your perfect tunes.

Photo: black and white sam smith on stage performing
Photo Courtesy Of: Sam Smith | Instagram

Stage 1 (Broken) – “Stay With Me” and “Life Support”

When you’re fresh out of the relationship, super sad and just want to be accompanied by a box of tissues, these songs are the perfect soundtrack to your sobs.

“Stay With Me” summarizes the feeling of longing for a love that you can no longer have. And “Life Support” is the song that makes you think you’re only able to survive if you’re with this person. Basically, life as you know it is gone and the world is ending.

Let the tears flow, honey. 

Stage 2 – (Regret) “Burning” and “Lay Me Down”

When you’re in the stage of regret and feel like you need to go back to your broken relationship then listen to these two tunes. “Burning” is a song that you can definitely relate to. Sam Smith admits that he’d be running back to his lover if they ever called back. But they don’t, do they? “Lay Me Down” gets you right in the feels, making you dissect every single memory and just wanting nothing more than to be close to your lover once again. 

The constant back and fourth. Whiplash, anyone?

Stage 3 – (Anger) “Restart” and “Nothing Left For You”

This is the point where you get super angry and want nothing to do with your lover anymore. AKA the “Good Riddance” stage. “Restart” is about your ex trying to ring you up in hopes of a reconciliation, but you know that you’re done for good. And “Nothing Left For You” is the point where you realize that you fell for a damn fool and you’d rather eat slugs than ever go back to them. 

Buh bye.

Stage 4 – (Revenge) “One Last Song”

When you’re at the stage where you really want to take revenge against your ex. But should you? Probably not. The best revenge? To not react at all. Which is exactly what Sam says in this song. Trust us (and Sam) they’re truly no longer worth the tears and sorrow. 

Time to crumple up that whole revenge plot & throw it in the trash.

Stage 5 – (Coming To Terms) “Too Good At Goodbyes” and “I Know I’m Not The Only One”

And finally, the last stage.

When you’ve finally come to terms with the fact that your relationship is over. For good. Finito. If your partner was a cheater than these two songs are especially for you.

Congrats. You’ve made it through heart break!

What would we do without Sam Smith? Seriously. Did this help you out?! Let us know in the comments or send a tweet @umusic.