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Your Fave Artists Reveal Their Yearly Holiday Traditions

Posted on December 18, 2017

Here’s the inside scoop.

Holiday traditions are different for everyone. Whether you spend it right at home or fly off on a vacation, everyone celebrates the holiday season differently. From eating tons and tons of food, to hitting up specific stores for a holiday must, your fave artists reveal what they get up to during their time off. 

Here’s what they do during the festive season:

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani stopped by Jimmy Fallon to reveal a pretty cool holiday tradition in her household. Growing up, the doorway leading to their Christmas tree and presents would essentially get “gift-wrapped.” And when it was time for Christmas, the fam would break through the paper on the count of 1,2,3. How fun is that?! Such a cute tradition.

Nick Jonas

As traditions go, most revolve around some sort of food. And for the Jonas family, it’s especially important. Every year, Nick, along with his family eat tamales on Christmas morning. Interesting. Explaining, Nick says, “My mom started it and it’s special because Kevin, Joe and I have grown up doing it. It’s very like us to have tamales on Christmas.”

As for the other meals, the fam goes all out for the holiday season. They cook all types of food from ham, to lasagna and a full platter of pies and cookies for dessert. Can we get an invite, please? It all sounds delish.

Taylor Swift

It’s no secret that T. Swift loves to bake. And with the holiday season, it’s obvious that her baking levels are basically unprecedented. In the past she’s shared her famous chai tea eggnog cookie recipe with her fans and she’s known for baking all kinds of other delicious sweets. Desserts such as apple pies, chocolate chip cookies and a holiday fave, chocolate peppermint cookies.

We will take a dozen of each please.


Being Jewish means that Drake celebrates Hanukkah every year. As he’s posted pics in the past, it looks like Drake’s annual festivities involve a Hanukkah felt, dreidels, and some good ‘ol drinks with some friends and family. Classic. 

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is like the rest of us. Over the holiday season, she goes back home to Texas to spend some quality time with her family. Just sitting on the couch, relaxing with her loved ones and of course eating a ton of homemade food. Sounds like our type of holiday. 

Demi Lovato

Much like Sel, Demi Lovato also takes some time off to be with her family and eat some amazing holiday food. She gets to go home to celebrate with her great-grandparents, who she is so grateful for. Being surrounded by loved ones is all she looks forward to during the holiday season. 

Katy Perry

A tradition in the Perry family is to spend their holidays on vacation. A nice Christmas in the sun, sand, and heat.

“We usually go on vacation, and we spend most of our time eating and drinking a lot,” Katy revealed to the Independent. The family always starts the day with fruity bellinis, then cooks and plays board games together. Nothing beats the classic family game nights. Who agrees? 

Nicki Minaj

In Nicki Minaj fashion, a holiday tradition for her is to hit up stores that stock her fave, Myx Moscato and Sangria in full supply. And apparently, there is one specific Walmart that always has it in stock. Nicki’s done her research, that’s for sure.

What is YOUR favourite holiday tradition? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @umusic.