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How To Completely Organise Your Life For All Of 2018

Posted on January 03, 2018

Time to get ready for your best year yet!

It’s about to be a brand new year which means it’s time to start fresh on a completely blank slate. One resolution that a lot of people make during this time is to get more organised. But in reality, it’s definitely something that we should ALL work towards. An organised life definitely means less chaos and we all want that right? Right.

So we thought we would put together several ways to organise your life in 2018 that will ward away the headaches.

Check it out:

Download Organizational Apps.

24Me – Your Very Own Personal Assistant

This app is great if you need constant reminders at the tips of your fingers. It keeps your calendar, to-do lists, personal accounts, notes, and day-to-day errands all in one spot. Ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of different apps you need to stay updated? 24Me is your solution! It will send you notifications on events, birthdays, when you need to pay your bills. Everything all under one umbrella. 

Evernote –  Your Web Collection
This app is amazing for those who are still in school. It organises your projects, notes, to-do lists, and Internet saves. And it also allows you to file your sketches, texts, audio recordings and PDFs. Grab your group members and you can all work and share ideas through this app. Amazing.

Use Multiple Calendars.

If an organizational app is not your cup of tea then stick to traditional calendars. But have multiple. Use the one on your phone, put one up on your wall, and of course the good old desktop calendar. You may think this is over-the-top and unnecessary, but if you have the resources, use them all.

Make To-Do Lists.

If you’re a big fan of lists than this is for you. Make to-do lists and check them off when you’re done. This way you can see that you have accomplished things rather than just letting it sit on that list for.. well, forever. 

And how good does it feel to actually cross things off as you accomplish them?! It’s the little things.

Make Yourself A Bullet Journal.

This is a great Sunday morning activity. Sit at your table sipping on some coffee and doodling in your bullet journal! This allows you to get creative, but also stay organised in the best way yet – YOUR way. It’s the perfect solution to staying organised exactly how you need to. 

DIY Organizational Spaces.

Cleaning is the number one tip! Organise all your papers, magazines and even clothing. Whatever mess you have laying around, get rid of it. And once that is finished, it’s time to engage in some D.I.Y. The best part is that in the end you will have a designated spot for everything.

Colour Code!

Lastly, colour coding! This may sound silly, but you will come to realize that organising through colours definitely helps a ton. Not only is it visually satisfying – it helps you remember where each item is placed.

Which organisational tip is your fave? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @umusic.