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The REAL Meaning Behind Troye Sivan’s “My My My!”

Posted on February 15, 2018

My My My! Isn’t this interesting. 

We’re only a month into 2018 and Troye Sivan is already having an UNREAL year. With two new songs out, a new album in the works, major TV performances and a movie gig, it’s safe to say the boys unstoppable right now. 

The YouTube star turned pop star recently sat down with Genius to discuss the inspiration behind his new mega hit “My My My!” and it’s everything we never knew we needed. Offering a glimpse into his creative processes like never before, this video is a must for all Troye fans. But for those of you that don’t have the time to watch, we’re breaking down its biggest revelations. 

Things we learned about the creation of “My My My”: 

He was using the washroom when the inspiration to write “My My My” struck him. 
You heard that right. It was in the washroom of a Joe & The Juice where Troye heard a cool groove that “made him want to strut”. He brought a sample of that same track into the studio where he used its BPM and drum pattern to bring his creative vision to life. 

The guy he wrote the song about never had a buzzcut (you’ll need to watch the video for more on this).
Considering the song is rumoured to be about his boyfriend Jacob Bixenmen, we’re not surprised by this. He has a beautiful head of hair which would explain why Troye so eagerly snatched him up. 

The song encapsulates the emotional experience of two lovers afraid of being vulnerable.
According to Troye, the song describes the romantic feelings that exist between two people who both seem to deny it. At the chorus, they come to realise and acknowledge these feelings and once they do, GAME OVER. It’s electricity with every touch. Finally at the bridge, the song arrives at a vulnerable moment where its protagonist and love interest finally give into temptation and never want to go back. 

Oh My My My! This was super enlightening. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet us @umusic!