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The Internet Just Granted The Arkells’ Olympic Wish

Posted on February 21, 2018

Yep, Arkells are Olympic bound.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the power of the Internet is real and not to be reckoned with. Just ask Canadian band Arkells who went to the Olympics in Pyeongchang as a result of just a few tweets!

It all started when Yahoo Canada Sports shared a video of Canadian athletes celebrating their success on the podium with the band’s song “Knocking at the Door” playing in the background. THEN, the band tweeted Team Canada and Air Canada that they needed to send them to Pyeongchang to play the song for the athletes. That tweet got the attention of Air Canada who decided that it would be a pretty good idea. 

It’s not just the band and Air Canada that are into the idea though, Team Canada athletes have also jumped into the convo to say how awesome it would be if this happened! 

Fast-forward and voila! Arkells are aboard the plane heading to Pyeongchang.

Max’s thoughts on the whole sitch? Well, naturally the guys are pretty excited about it. He told CBC News, “We are going for basically four days, which is kind of nuts given it’s 16 hours each way. But I can’t think of a better reason to check out Korea for the first time. Should be a trip.”

Photo Courtesy of Arkells | Instagram

Amazing. Did we mention how much we love the Internet?! To see all that went down during this remarkable trip, feast your eyes on the full recap video! Let us know your thoughts below or with a tweet @umusic!