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Where Are They Now: Taylor Swift’s Music Video Co-Stars

Posted on March 09, 2018

Essential info for every Swiftie 

When it comes to music videos, Taylor Swift knows how to tell a story. With the video for her single “Delicate” on its way, the excitement is real. The video will be directed by  Joseph Kahn who said on Twitter that the video is “going to be unexpected and it’s going to be grand”. 

Naturally, this excitement has led us to reminisce on the many dreamy videos that Tay’s put out over the years. So, let’s throw it back with a list of our favourite co-starring fellas from said videos. You won’t believe what they’ve been up to since then.

Lucas Till in “You Belong With Me”

Last time we saw him: He was getting cosy with Taylor Swift. 

Now: His acting career has really taken off. With a few X-Men movies under his belt, nowadays he stars as the lead character on the CBS show MacGyver. You can find him on Instagram where he’s constantly posting photos from set.


Guntars Asmanis in “Back To December”

Last we saw him: He was wandering aimlessly through town trying to repair his broken heart.

Now: Guntars has not posted to Facebook since 2009. We suppose the winter weather got the best of him.

Stephen Colleti in “White Horse”

Last time we saw him: He was delivering groceries to a “friend”. Hmmm.

Now: Stephen’s been keeping very busy. Last year, he teamed up with his One Tree Hill co-star James Lafferty to produce an independent comedy pilot Everyone Is Doing Great. PS. He’s still single 👀


Caleb W. Campbell in “The Story of Us”

Last time we saw him: He was scavenging through an endless paper trail trying to find his unfinished assignment.

Now: Still looking for that assignment. Or fallen straight off the face of the earth. No matter how hard we Googled, there was no sight of Caleb. Caleb if you’re reading this, feel free to reach out and give us an update! 

Tyler Hilton in “Teardrops On My Guitar”

Last time we saw him: He was putting T. Swift in the #friendzone.

Now: An established musician himself, Tyler can be seen on tour across North American with Kate Voegele. It begs the question: will Taylor return the favour with an appearance in one of his music videos? Only time will tell.


Scott Eastwood in “Wildest Dreams

Last time we saw him: He was looking lonely in the middle of street watching Taylor as she drove off into the distance.

Now: Scott is following in his father’s (Clint Eastwood) footsteps with appearances in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. This month, he’s set to star in the science-fiction action flick Pacific Rim Uprising.

Reeve Carney in “I Knew You Were Trouble”

Last time we saw him: He was causing some major drama in said video.

Now: The veteran Broadway performance has set his sights on the small screen. Just last year, he starred as Riff Raff alonside Adam Lambert and Laverne Cox in the TV remake of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not so troublesome anymore. 


Justin Gaston in “Love Story”

Last time we saw him: He was leaning in for a kiss from Miss Swift.

Now: Justin’s come a long way. In addition to twenty-two episodes on the daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, the the Louisiana native and his wife Melissa adopted a baby girl named Olivia last winter.


Toby Hemingway in “Mine”

Last time we saw him: He was in college, working part-time waiting tables.

Now: Rumour has it, Taylor and Toby enjoyed a romance of their own shortly after the creation of the “Mine” music video. Since then, he’s enjoyed small roles in a variety of different films and show. Most notably, the role of Tom in 2010’s critically acclaimed Black Swan.

Sean O’Pry in “Blank Space”

Last time we saw him: He was escaping the wrath of a not-so-happy Taylor Swift.

Now: He’s modeled for many of the biggest names in fashion and most notably, placed fifth on Vogue’s “Top 10 Male Model of All-Time” list. How he didn’t place first is beyond us.


So tell us: what are you predictions for Taylor’s new video? Will there be another #Gorgeous man to feast your eyes on?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Twitter @umusic! In the meantime, have a listen to Taylor’s new album reputation!