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We Have So Many Reasons To Celebrate Lights’ 31st Birthday

Posted on April 09, 2018

LIGHT the candles cause it’s a very special birthday. 

Lights is turning 31 this week, can you believe it? It feels like yesterday this young starlet from Timmins, ON was just getting her start in music. But the reality is, ten years have passed since the success of her smash debut single “Drive My Soul”. She’s come a long way and to celebrate, we’re recapping some of the best moments from her 30th year. 

First she dyed her hair red and now it’s impossible to imagine her without it.

Cause it is a LOOK.

Then released her new album Skin & Earth.

Her fourth studio album and no doubt, her best yet! 

And that wasn’t all. She also made a comic book series to tell the complete story.

Six issues entirely written and illustrated by herself! 

And as any comic book creator would, she went to Comic Con!

And fans went WILD… just look at that cosplay! 


And then she went on tour.


And brought her daughter Rocket along for the ride.

Name a more iconic duo.



She got a wicked tattoo to commemorate the experience.



She faced some challenges along the way.

Like a malfunctioning tour bus. Yikes!



But also so many highs. 

Like meeting some incredibly rad musicians: Jack Antonoff and Dan Reynolds



She released ICONIC visuals for her new music.

An apocalyptic dream like none other. 


And the icing on the cake??

A Juno Award for Best Pop Album. What a star!!


With a performance we won’t soon forget. 


So here’s to you Lights on your special day!

Be sure to grab a pizza slice (or two) cause we know that’s what you would want.


Give Lights the best birthday gift of all with a spin of her record Skin and Earth!