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MEET: Jaira Burns, The Budding Pop Star With Zero Filter

Posted on May 09, 2018

Pop’s latest sensation is making moves.

Pittsburgh-based singer Jaira Burns is catapulting herself into the music stratosphere with hit after hit. After posting covers of artists like Adele and Lorde on YouTube dating back to 2011, she kicked off her Interscope signing last year with blistering debut single, “Ugly.” The transparent track deals with the physical attraction of a casual fling and the consequences of a friends-with-benefits scenario.

“‘Ugly” was a part of me that is the grungier side, that part of me that wanted to show people that, I’m not just this sweet little innocent girl,” says Burns in a Genius interview.

Burns received a massive co-sign when the song was picked by designer Olivier Rousteing to serve as the soundtrack for a Beats Balmain ad campaign starring Kylie Jenner. The accompanying music video has amassed over 6 million views, and counting.

The singer is hard to miss with her cobalt blue hair, and she also turns heads with her blunt lyrics that spare no details in her confessional style of writing. Follow-up single “Burn Slow” outlines the highs and lows of a whirlwind romance:

“A little crazy from the start,
Fires like this can tear the world apart,
I’d rather take a hit and fall,
Than never fuck it up with you at all.”

The hazy song absorbs R&B elements, and the vocal stutters on the chorus will stick in your head for days. Burns’ versatility means her songs can serve as a backdrop for a quiet night in or an Uber ride to the club with equal force.

If “Burn Slow” clouded a tug-of-war relationship with smoke references, “High Rollin” aims straight for the jugular as a love letter addressed to marijuana:

“Hell if I know, hell if I know
When I’ll get back home tonight
Hell if I know, hell if I know
But I know that I’ll be high.”

Alongside music, Burns is a burgeoning style icon too. Her Instagram flexes a unique style filled with primary colours to compliment her cerulean locks. With hints of punk, houndstooth, streetwear and more, Jaira’s next fashion statement is unpredictable.

Jaira Burns Instagram
Photo Credit: @jairaburns

Burns is showing no signs of slowing down, with her fourth track “OKOKOK” dropping at the top of the year. The smash is the ultimate kiss-off to a lazy ex, and its smooth-gliding beat lets you dance the distress away.

This is the song you send to your best friend to make them forget a soured affair ASAP.

Burns’ latest, “Sugarcoat”, will surely satisfy your sweettooth:

She’s down-to-earth, packs a punch full of attitude, and commands your attention. It’ll be no time before Jaira Burns takes over the world.

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