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These Covers of 5SOS’ “Youngblood” Will Blow Your Mind

Posted on June 01, 2018

The 5SOSfam is super talented

Have you been loving 5SOS’ single “Youngblood”? Us too. Now that the release of the full album is even closer with June 15 just around the corner, we’ve obviously been preparing by listening to this song on repeat.

We had a look online at some of your covers of “Youngblood” and there’s some serious talent among the 5SOS fam. From other boybands to bathroom acoustic versions, here are some of our favourite covers:

1. Cover by Serena Rutledge

Serena gave a more mellow, stripped down version of the song, and it sounds gorgeous.

2. Cover by Sam Mangubat

With another stripped down cover, Sam hits all the right notes. You can hear the emotion behind the lyrics when the song is slowed down like this.

3. Cover by Bianca Azule

According to her channel, Bianca learned this cover in 20 minutes. You’d never know! Her beautiful take on the song and sweet bathroom acoustics make this cover a total winner.

4. Cover by RoadTrip TV

Always love a good boyband cover.

5. Cover by Simon James

This cover has everything you could ever want from a cover and more. Love it.

There you have it! Five fan covers of 5SOS’ “Youngblood” that are seriously impressive. Which one was your favourite? Got one we missed? Let us know over on Twitter! @umusic