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In honour of James Barker Band’s new single, here are 10 music life hacks

Posted on February 01, 2019

James Barker Band has released their new single “Keep it Simple.” The country hit-makers are well on their way to another big year, so in honour of their release here are 10 “simple”, music-related life hacks.

1. Music Streaming Discount

Apple Music and Spotify both offer 50% off subscriptions to their streaming services for students with a school affiliated e-mail. Now you can save money to buy other important things (like concert tickets or vinyl records.)


2. How to Store Vinyl Records

Speaking of vinyl records, if you’re a collector it is important that you don’t stack your records on top of eachother. This can cause them to warp and potentially even crack! Instead, store them in a milk crate or something similar. They protect your records, save space, and make it easier to organize

3. Vinyl Cover Art 

Vinyl record covers make awesome art pieces. Buy some frames and hang records around your room to show off your favourite artists and albums.

4. Shazam!

Have you ever gone out and heard a song that you liked, but didn’t know the name of it? Download the Shazam! app. The next time you hear a song that you need the title of, open up Shazam! on your smartphone and it will give you all the information you need. That includes the song title, the artist who sings it, and the album that it’s on. It’s a must have for all music lovers.


5. Amplify Your Phone’s Speakers

Don’t have a wireless speaker to blast your tunes? Have no fear. A cup (or something that’s similarly shaped) echoes and amplifies the volume on your phone. Just play a song, put your phone inside of the cup, and let it work it’s magic!

6. No More Tangled Wires

If you’ve ever used earbuds or wired headphones, you know how much of a struggle it is to untangle the wire. A good solution is to use a binder clip to hold the wire together when you aren’t using your headphones. It prevents the wire from becoming tangled in your bag or pocket. No more hassle!

7. Double-Up on Earphones 

One of the worst feelings is realizing you’ve forgotten your headphones at home. The solution? Keep a spare pair of small earbuds or headphones in your bag. Never have a music-less day again!


8. Consider Using Earplugs  

Going to a concert? Consider wearing a pair of earplugs. We know, it might look kind of lame, but the extremely loud music at concerts can potentially lead to serious hearing damage.

9. For Those Who Exercise While Listening to Music 

If you listen to music while you run/workout, be sure to create the perfect playlist beforehand. This way you don’t have to waste time during your workout by fumbling through your phone/music player trying to find the right song.

10. Download Songs from Your Streaming Service 

If you use a streaming service, make sure you download your most listened to albums and songs to your phones library. This way, if you’re ever without reception or WiFi, you can still listen to your favourite tracks without any issues.


Do you have any other music hacks? What do you think of JBB’s new single? Let us know on Twitter @umusic!