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Mother Mother’s video for “It’s Alright” brings mental health to the forefront

Posted on March 11, 2019

Canadian indie-rock band Mother Mother has released a powerful new video for their single “It’s Alright.” 

Mother Mother’s song “It’s Alright” is about the healing quality of self-forgiveness. After an outpouring of positive feedback from listeners who resonated with the therapeutic message of the song, Mother Mother decided to do something special. They invited fans who have struggled with mental health to share their stories and star in the song’s music video. 


The resulting video is something that is simple, honest, vulnerable, and uplifting. It features real people with real issues celebrating self-love, acceptance, and forgiveness. You can watch it here: 

Mother Mother shared the stories of some of the people who starred in the video on their Instagram page – including that of their own frontman, Ryan Guldemond.


“When I was young I was incredibly shy and sensitive, and rather uncomfortable in my own skin. Food and overeating was the first avenue of escape, then it was pot, alcohol, and other various substances. I spent a lot of time during my adolescence and adult life invested in debauchery, and have wasted many, many days hungover and inert. During my late 20s and early 30s my vices were certainly steering the ship. I can readily cringe when thinking back to the multitude of poor decisions and impressions I made during this time. One morning after an all nighter I fell unconscious on an international flight right before take off. While I was passed out I vomited all over myself. When I came to I met the gaze of flight attendants, fellow passengers, and my band, all aghast. I was deplaned, and caught a redeye 12 hours later. Luckily I made the gig. It was a very low moment, but one that catalyzed some large and lasting positive change. It’s easy to feel guilty, ashamed and regretful about this part of my life, but I try instead to see it as a crucial bridge to becoming a better and healthier person. I am still called to my vices, frequently, and make no eternal promises of perfection to myself, but the call to live out powerful days, fuelled by clarity, love, creativity and sustainable productivity seems to be louder right now, and for that I’m grateful. My relationships are better, most notably with Molly, which is so cool, to be in our 14th year of Mother Mother and thriving together as siblings and bandmates. Also, the muse is smiling more tenderly and truthfully than ever before. I think now that I’ve let that shy and sensitive child out from the cellar, I’m more able to write from a vulnerable and emotionally connected place. I’m certain It’s Alright wouldn’t have been written if he was still locked away down there.” #ITSALRIGHT #SEEABETTERDAY

Check out Mother Mother’s Instagram page to view the rest of the stories. You can also keep up with the band on their Twitter.

Please be sure to visit for vital mental health information, or to find your local CMHA location.

“It’s Alright” is a song from Mother Mother’s seventh studio album, Dance and Cry. You can listen to it in full here:

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