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18 Hilarious Post Malone Twitter Moments

Posted on March 11, 2019

Post Malone has emerged as one of music’s most versatile artists. On any given track he can be heard rapping serious bars, singing out catchy melodies, or playing guitar. He also happens to be hilarious and his Twitter feed is proof. See for yourself! Here are 18 hilarious Twitter moments from Post Malone:

That time he met a koala…

Wait a sec!

When a night in the hot tub went astray

We think he was kidding.

That time he psyched us all out 

Whew! Thankfully, Beerbongs and Bentleys released on time.

Showing off his first set of grills

Check out the shades!

Garlic bread talk 

The harsh truth.

That time he considered a name change 

Post Silver and Post Purple would work, too.

When stage dives don’t go as planned

Hopefully Post wasn’t too banged up.

Sometimes Post gets philosophical

Who can really say?

Putting a spin on a classic song

Who’s really going to walk 500 miles? And then 500 more? This is more realistic.

Showing off his ghost-hunting face

Those glasses are supernatural. 

Post Malone for President

Post Malone 2020, who says no? 

Spot the lie 

(There isn’t one.) 

Spot the lie (again): 

(There isn’t one, again.) 

Suck at math? Here’s a solution: 

Crocs for life.

Ballin’ in bulk:

Sometimes after a long day it’s nice to just go to Costco and relax. 

That time everyone added him on XBOX


That time he played as himself in Call of Duty

This game just got a lot more interesting!

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