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Coachella 2019 Recap: Ariana Grande, The 1975, and more…

Posted on April 23, 2019

Coachella is a world-renowned music festival that takes place in Indio, California over the course of two weekends (this year; April 12 – 14 and April 19 – 21). With hundreds of Coachella performances each weekend, we know how hard it can be to keep up with your faves. Umusic has got your back!

We’ve put together a recap of Coachella weekend 1: all of its highs, shows, and whoa’s.

Stay tuned for when we update this article with a weekend 2 recap! Use this link to access all of the Coachella livestreams.

The 1975


Photo courtesy of: Getty

The 1975 dominated the Coachella stage on the evening of April 12th. The boys had the entire audience dancing to their unique pop beats.

Photo courtesy of: Getty

The 1975 brought out their musical friend, No Rome and performed his track called ‘Narcissist’. This Coachella performance comes before the announcement of the band’s newest upcoming album: Notes On A Conditional Form – release date TBD!


Photo courtesy of: the1975 | IG

The 1975’s second weekend at Coachella was filled with songs mainly drawn from their newest album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationship. The performance of “I Like America And America Likes Me,” involved a display of lyrics on the screen behind the band, while their performance of “Somebody Else,” proved superior as a fan favourite.

Photo courtesy of: ashleyosborn & allysontmillard | IG

With the performance involvement of a giant spaceman installation, one of the members said: “So much ego, so much extra for Coachella. I love it.”

Kacey Musgraves


Photo courtesy of: Thomas Hawthrone

Kacey Musgraves performed multiple hits from her 2018 album Golden Hour to her Coachella audience.

Photo courtesy of: Kevin Winter

Kacey closed her set with “Velvet Elvis, “Rainbow”, and “High Horse”. For her performance of “High Horse”, Kacey brought out 90-year-old online influencer, Baddie Winkle.

Kacey also sparked a new meme when she encouraged her audience to say “haw” when she says “yee” – things didn’t go as planned:


Photo courtesy of: Coachella

Unsurprisingly, Kacey went full cowgirl-mode for her second weekend at Coachella. The “Butterflies” singer performed a set similar to her first and made the experience magical for all in attendance.

Tierra Whack


Photo courtesy of: Sacha Lecca | Rolling Stone

Tierra is known for providing audiences with wicked visuals, her album Whack World is accompanied by an alluring visual album. Following the visual theme, her Coachella set design consisted of ‘melting’ imagery and other cool graphics.


Photo courtesy of: _timhans & allysontmillard | IG

Tierra Whack continued to stun people during her second Coachella weekend. Audience members took to Twitter to share that they had been ‘blown away’ and are ‘completely obsessed’ with Tierra Whack!



Photo courtesy of: Getty

K-pop girlband BLACKPINK made their U.S. music festival debut at Coachella this year! The girls opened their set with their track “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, though their performance of “Kill This Love” generated the most hype.

Rosé, one of the four members, let the Coachella audience know that the band was unsure of what to expect from this North American experience. The girls’ doubts were surely erased when the audience began to chant “BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA!” – the title of BLACKPINK’s recent album and the name of their current tour.

Photo courtesy of: Getty

“Coming all the way from South Korea, we didn’t know what to expect. (…) Obviously, we, you guys and us, are totally from different worlds, but tonight, I think [that] music brings us as one.” 



Photo courtesy of: Yahoo

The girls of BLACKPINK continued on their venture into the North American music world with a second Coachella performance. Without a doubt, the quartet nailed their choreography and vocals while looking phenomenal.

BLACKPINK continued to profess their gratitude for the audience’s cheers and energy. While at the festival, the girls also ran into some friendly faces:

Photo courtesy of: willsmith | IG

Calypso Rose


Photo courtesy of: Rich Fury | Getty Images

Calypso Rose made (even more) history this weekend by being the oldest performer to ever grace the Coachella stage! The 78 year old rocked a 45 minute long set.

To surprise her audience, Calypso Rose brought out fellow Trinidadian artist Machel Montano to perform “Young Boy”.

“For the Calypso genre to survive this long, for Coachella to recognize and give respect to the music created in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s like putting a flag down on the moon. For Rose to be doing this at almost 80, is significant on a world scale. It is important young people look up to Calypso Rose, especially young girls, as they set their goals and seek out their dreams .”

Machel Montano to Billboard


Photo courtesy of: elli_lauren | IG

Calypso Rose returned for a second weekend at Coachella! Watch her colourful 2019 Coachella Curated below:

Ella Mai


Photo courtesy of: Just Jared Jr

Ella Mai made her Coachella debut this weekend! She gave a soulful performance of her hit tracks including “Boo’d Up”.


Photo courtesy of: we963pdx | Twitter

Ella Mai said that her Coachella experience was a dream come true. With immaculate arrangements from her band and her unbeatable vocals, Ella produced another breathtaking performance.

Photo courtesy of: Coachella | Twitter

Juice WRLD


Another Coachella debut performance! Juice WRLD performed at Coachella for the first time in a studded vest and was accompanied by a very interesting dancer.


Photo courtesy of: Coachella

Juice WRLD has always claimed Future to be one of his musical and personal inspirations. Over Coachella weekend 2, the young rapper brought Future on stage to perform with him.

Mac DeMarco


Photo courtesy of: Frazer Harrison | Getty

Mac DeMarco took to the Coachella stage in California’s heat and played a 12-song set that included tracks from his forthcoming album, Here Comes the Cowboy.

“Cowboy is a term of endearment to me, I use it often when referring to people in my life. Where I grew up, there are many people that sincerely wear cowboy hats and do cowboy activities. These aren’t the people I’m referring to.”

Mac DeMarco on Here Comes the Cowboy

Mac DeMarco and his band were braving the Californian weather on stage after eating “big bowls of oatmeal”. Thankfully, the big meals did not prevent them from nailing their set!


Photo courtesy of: alejandroferg | Twitter

Mac Demarco played for his fans once again under the Californian sun, incorporating Earthbound visuals in his performance.

Dermot Kennedy


Photo courtesy of: Lucy Foster

Dermot Kennedy was on multiple ‘performances to watch’ lists prior to Coachella. Fans and music lovers from across the world tuned into his performance’s livestream. Using his acoustic guitar as a performance weapon, Dermot stole the hearts of festival goers and fans from around the world!


Photo courtesy of: kieranjonesmusic | IG

Dermot Kennedy was so excited to play a second weekend at Coachella, and Coachella was so excited for him. Some Coachella goers deemed Dermot’s tent performance to be their favourite of the festival. Others claimed to have ‘walked up’ to his set by random and were completely stunned by his vocals.



Photo Courtesy of: jeanraclet | IG

The Coachella performance by the Parcels can only be described in one word: insane. Plenty of Coachella livestream viewers shared that they indulged in the Parcels’ set and were blown away by their stage presence and refreshing sound.

Photo Courtesy of: jeanraclet | IG

Demonstrated in the video below, their performance had the audience smiling from ear-to-ear and dancing as a massive collective. Fans stated they appreciated the silly moments of choreography from the boys and claim this performance to be their ‘best ever’.


Photo courtesy of: quasarmedia | IG

“Coachella gave me the gift of @parcelsmusic!” is what one fan wrote on Twitter following the boys’ second weekend at Coachella. The audience was filled with plenty of fans like this, including Criminal Minds’ Matthew Gray Gubler:

Ellie Goulding


Photo courtesy of: Yahoo

Ellie Goulding made a surprise appearance during the second Coachella weekend. Ellie came to the stage to perform “Close to Me” during Diplo’s set.
“Close to Me,” is one of Ellie’s more recent songs, though she dropped a song called “Sixteen” this month.


Maggie Rogers


Photo courtesy of: Just Jared Jr

Yet another debut Coachella performance! Apparently, learning to play the harp at 7 years old, then the guitar, then the piano really pays off.

Maggie Rogers is the world’s newest musical phenomenon. Maggie graced the festival with her magical stage presence and unbelievable vocals.


Photo courtesy of: Thomas Hawthorne

Maggie Rogers encouraged her audience to appreciate and thoroughly experience the little moments in life. “Let that be something that gives you permission to dance a little harder, to sing a little louder,” Maggie said during her set, “All of this only matters if you let it, so let it in.”

Maggie’s audience consisted of all types of people – especially young females with glitter decorating their faces. Swaying and dancing, the audience joined Maggie in a soul-freeing performance.

U.S. Girls


Photo courtesy of: manowalker_ | IG

The U.S. Girls are a Toronto-based band that have recently been stealing the hearts of audiences from around the world. Meg Remy and her band started their North American tour with a debut at Coachella.

U.S. Girl’s critically-acclaimed 2018 album, In A Poem Unlimited, shone front and centre in the group’s setlist. Their live show is as innovative and genre-bending as the studio recordings: animated performances of songs like “Rosebud” and “Mad As Hell” cemented their status as indie frontrunners poised to take over the world.

Photo courtesy of: manowalker_ | IG


Photo courtesy of: icantbelieveiatethewholething | IG

The U.S. Girls shared an attention-grabbing performance with the Coachella crowd for a second weekend in a row. Through their unconventional dancing and pausing their set for dramatic effect, the band was an act to talk about following the festival. They concluded their set with a few members crawling off stage and another band member throwing guitar picks into the audience.



Photo courtesy of: Rolling Stone

The Scottish electronic-pop group absolutely nailed their set at Coachella. On top of gracing their audience with their attention-grabbing songs, the group brought Marshmellow to the stage to perform their track “Here With Me”.

Photo courtesy of: Trendsmap

Marshmellow kept his helmet on for the performance and contributed to the song by playing the guitar.


Photo courtesy of: charles.reagan | IG

On the first Coachella weekend, CHVRCHES’ lead singer Lauren Mayberry rocked a fluffy white ensemble. On the second weekend, Lauren transformed into what fans describe as a ‘black swan’.

Coachella goers claimed this set to have one of the highest energies of the festival, which is not surprising. This electronic-pop band is known for bringing incredible vibes to any stage they overtake.

Christine and the Queens


Photo courtesy of: Getty

No stranger to Coachella, Christine and the Queens (Héloïse Adelaide Letissier) put on an enticing show for her audience.

Her strong vocals were accompanied by eclectic choreography. Chris has a particular way of transcending a typical performance by enhancing it into a contemporary dance piece. “There is a relationship to dance that is not just a decoration, but it’s also a statement,” she says.

Photo courtesy of: Coachella

Kid Cudi


Photo courtesy of: Amy Harris

Following weekend 1, Kid Cudi took to the Coachella stage on weekend 2 of the festival and had a massive surprise for his audience. He brought Kanye West to the stage! 

Photo courtesy of: Amy Harris

The duo performed tracks such as: “Reborn”, “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1”, and “Ghost Town”.

Jaden Smith


Photo courtesy of: Drew A. Kelley

Jaden had multiple factors to his set at Coachella that made it extremely memorable. For starters, he had his sister Willow Smith perform a solo act that involved an aerial stunt.

Jaden had a moment of his own afterwards, when he showed up atop of a flying Tesla Model X. Jaden has previously used Tesla cars in his music videos, and now he’s used one in a performance for his song “Icon”.

Photo courtesy of: Christopher Pol | Shutterstock

Once the car was lowered onto the stage, longtime friend Jordyn Woods came out to dance beside the car and Jaden himself.

Jaden also took the time to honour Nipsey Hussle:

Afterwards, Jaden and Willow’s mom (Jada Pinkett Smith) posted this sweet message to Instagram:



Photo courtesy of: desertsun

Jaden Smith dominated the second Coachella weekend with a nearly identical set from his first. One of the big differences being: the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Jaden brought his dad, Will Smith, onto stage during the last ten minutes of his set to close his Coachella performance with “Icon”.

Will shared that this was his first time on a Coachella stage and was overwhelmed with the experience.


Tame Impala


Photo courtesy of: Koury Angelo | Rolling Stone

Tame Impala rocked the Coachella stage during their set. Their performances were supported by trippy stage visuals.

Here are thoughts from fans that fell in love with the band a million times over on the first Coachella weekend:


Photo courtesy of: blogonjarvis | IG

Tame Impala rocked their second headlining set of the Coachella season. On the second weekend, the Australian rock band brought A$AP Rocky on stage to perform A$AP’s song “Sundress” which samples Tame Impala’s song, “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?”

J Balvin


Photo courtesy of: Scott Dudelson / Getty

Last year, J Balvin was a part of Beyoncé’s Coachella performance. This year, J Balvin got a prime stage of his own!

“We gotta pay respect to the O.G.’s,” is what J Balvin called out during his performances that paid homage to original reggaetón sounds.

As for guests, he brought out Rosalía for “Con Altura” and Sean Paul to perform “Contra La Pared“. To no one’s surprise, he blessed the Coachella crowd with a performance of “I Like It” and “Mi Gente”!


Photo courtesy of: jbalvin | IG

The current King of Reggaetón returned for a second weekend at Coachella, where he performed a dance-worthy set and brought out Bad Bunny! With such a fun stage design, cartoonish dancers, and fire tracks – J Balvin truly put on a Coachella performance to remember.

J Balvin was also seen with Zedd and Victoria’s Secret models: Jasmine Tookes and Josephine Skriver.

Katy Perry


Photo courtesy of: Getty

Katy Perry has been attending Coachella for 17 years now. For most years, Katy had to sneak into the festival – but now? Now, Katy is performing “365” alongside Zedd and walking around with Orlando Bloom on her arm!

Photo courtesy of: Just Jared Jr

There was also a SUPER cute Katy x Billie moment:




Speaking of Zedd! The infamous DJ stunned at weekend two of Coachella when he performed a set containing multiple familiar voices. Zedd incorporated a Queen song into his set and brought out Alessia Cara.

Photo courtesy of: jbajsel | IG

Together, Zedd and Alessia performed their hit track “Stay.”

Photo courtesy of: Kevin Winter

DJ Snake


Photo courtesy of: Rolling Stone

DJ Snake pulled a serious move when he brought Selena Gomez, Ozuna, and Cardi B onto stage during his set to perform “Taki Taki”. Yup. You read that correctly. “Taki Taki”‘s first ever live performance was at Coachella.

The performance was understandably in the top 5 trending topics on Twitter on the night it happened.


Photo courtesy of: Coachella | Facebook

Do we officially have a King of Coachella? DJ Snake’s fans are deeming him the King of Coachella after his iconic “Taki Taki” performance from weekend 1 and incredibly exciting performance from weekend 2. His song “Middle” seeming to be the most popular song of the evening.

Photo courtesy of: DJsnake | Twitter

Billie Eilish


Photo courtesy of: Rolling Stone

If you were on social media at all this past weekend, you know Billie Eilish’s performance is one of the most talked about. Billie brought her distinct style to the Coachella stage and performed her greatest tracks for the crowd.

Billie’s performance was documented and shared by icons like Justin Bieber and influencers such as Tana Mongeau. Billie surprised the crowd with an appearance from Vince Staples during “watch / &burn,” but there were technical difficulties with Vince’s mic. He later tweeted this:

At one point in the set, Billie forgot a few lyrics to her song “all the good girls go to hell” and tried to mumble her way through it. At one point, she asked the audience: ‘What the f— are the words, though?’ before laughing and jumping right back into the song.


Photo courtesy of: Getty

If I could stay up on this stage forever, I would.

Billie Eilish, Coachella Weekend 2

Billie set expectations high for her second weekend at Coachella. Unsurprisingly, she delivered! Billie’s second anticipated performance over the Coachella course was unbelievable.

Billie did not discourage her audience from using their phones. Instead she stated that if they were going to record her songs, she wanted them to watch the performance through their eyes and not their screens.

Nearing the end of her performance, Billie clearly became a bit choked up. She told the audience she loved them and muttered a cuss word – she was that overwhelmed.

Photo courtesy of: Thomas Hawthorne



Photo courtesy of: Zimbio

Halsey surprised everyone by joining Khalid’s set alongside benny blanco to perform “Eastside”!

On top of Halsey’s surprise performance, she was seen all weekend being adorable with Yungblud.

Photo courtesy of: MEGA

Kanye West

Photo courtesy of: YouTube Music

Kanye West brought his Sunday Service to a much bigger stage: Coachella. On Coachella weekend 2 (or, Easter weekend), Kanye brought his gospel team to Indio, California to perform their Sunday Service for the Coachella crowd.

Photo courtesy of: Def Jam

Prior to the anticipated performance, Sunday Service merchandise was sold at a booth called ‘CHURCH CLOTHES’. Kanye fans were able to sport this merchandise while watching their fave perform with DMX, Chance The Rapper, and Teyana Taylor.

The crowd consisted of infamous faces such as: Kim Kardashian-West (and the three West children) as well as Justin Bieber.

Photo courtesy of: Jim Joe

Kanye got emotional during his and his team’s powerful Sunday Service. Alongside all of the high emotions, Kanye debuted his newest song “Water” for the unsuspecting crowd.

Ariana Grande


Photo courtesy of: Rolling Stone

2019’s Coachella started off with a bit of foreshadowing from music industry mogul Scooter Braun:

Ariana dropped Coachella-inspired merchandise, only available at the festival, and decorated the grounds to make it more of an experience:

Photo courtesy of: DailyMail

When it came to her performance, Ariana performed over 20 of her most iconic tracks AND brought out musical guests: Nicki Minaj, P Diddy, Mase, and reunited 90’s boyband *NSYNC (minus Justin).

Photo courtesy of: Billboard

If you thought Ari’s Coachella merch and entire set wasn’t mind-blowing enough, check out these two interactions that happened DURING the performance:


Photo courtesy of: arianagrande | IG

Coachella weekend 2 had the celeb encounter we were all hoping for:


Ariana had originally planned to not have any guests join her on stage during Coachella weekend 2. Those plans were (thankfully) ruined when she brought out her friend and fellow pop artist, Justin Bieber.


Photo courtesy of: Kevin Mazur

The two performed Justin’s track “Sorry,” which paved the way for fans (including Bieber’s wife Hailey) to title the performance “Sorrychella”.

I haven’t been on stage in 2 years. I came out here and I had no idea I would be on this stage tonight. I wore this fly outfit, not knowing I was going to be on stage. I had to get my groove back. Thank you so much, Coachella. Thank you so much, Ariana Grande! Thank you so much.

Justin Bieber at Coachella (or, Sorrychella)

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