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Assigning a Song to Each of The Avengers…

Posted on April 26, 2019

It is officially Endgame day! Avengers: Endgame is in theatres today and to celebrate, we’re assigning our favourite songs to each Avenger based on personalities and backstories.

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After you listen to each song, be sure to stream the official Avengers: Endgame soundtrack!

Black Widow x Ariana Grande


“Right now, I’m in a state of mind I wanna be in, like, all the time. Ain’t got no tears left to cry.”

Black Widow (real name ‘Natalia’, called ‘Natasha’ or ‘Nat’) grew up in Russia. Nat was recruited by the government to be trained as a spy. Her character has previously opened up about the hardships she experienced at a young age. Nat once expressed how being a part of the Avengers makes her feel whole and as if she is more than just an assassin.

Thanks to her team and her own efforts, she is in the process of healing and has no tears left to cry.

Captain America x BLACKPINK


“Forever young boy, so we ride or die. 끝이 없을 것처럼 달려 너와 나”

Captain America (real name ‘Steve Rogers’, sometimes called ‘Cap’) was voluntarily involved in a ‘super-soldier’ science experiment that physically enhanced him. Cap was later frozen for nearly seventy years and was discovered to be alive, not having aged.

While Cap will not live forever, he ages slowly in comparison to an average person. As a 100-year-old man with the appearance of someone in their mid-thirties, Cap really is forever young.

Captain Marvel x Hailee Steinfeld


“Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful. Most girls, work hard, go far, we are unstoppable. Most girls, our fight to make every day.”

Captain Marvel (real name ‘Carol Danvers’) is the newest Avenger to be properly introduced to the MCU. Carol was exposed to sexism from an extremely young age and her story heavily involves overcoming gender biases. Not only is the Captain Marvel film being labeled the feminist Marvel piece, but Carol herself defines a part of feminism that speaks to girls around the world.

Similarly to Captain Marvel, Hailee Steinfeld’s “Most Girls” is a feminist anthem that alludes to destroying and embracing some female stereotypes.

Falcon x Drake


“Two birds, one stone, my aim is amazin’.”

Falcon (real name ‘Samuel Thomas Wilson’, called ‘Sam’) uses his military training and flight suit to avenge. Sam’s suit resembles a bird’s frame and he is literally called ‘Falcon’.

Despite the fact that the lyrics of Drake’s song do not reflect Sam, the bird imagery and implications are ever-so present with this track and this Avenger.

Hawkeye x Johnny Orlando


“Lights are getting low, everyone’s gone, but I don’t wanna go. Stay a little while, I know it’s late. But all we got is time.”

Hawkeye (real name ‘Clinton Francis Barton’, called ‘Clint’) is known for using his Bow and Quiver as a primary weapon. Clint has a farm house for his family, a place to keep his wife and three children safe while he remains a part of the Avenger team. Throughout Avengers: Age of Ultron, it becomes obvious that Clint would prefer to stay with his family.

Johnny Orlando’s song ‘Sleep’ is a perfect musical representation of Clint’s feelings towards his family each time he’s meant to leave them to fulfill his Avenger duties.

Hulk x 5SOS


“Demons hide behind my back and I can see them, one, two, three, four. Leading me to do their dirty work, won’t let them knock down my door.”

Pretty self-explanatory.

Iron Man x Billie Eilish


“Step on the glass, staple your tongue. Bury a friend, try to wake up.”

While Billie’s clever lyrics are from the perspective of the monster under her bed, the symbolism of the song as a whole is a perfect reflection of Iron Man’s (real name, ‘Tony Stark’) story.

Tony Stark is the undeclared leader of the Avengers. If you have seen Avengers: Infinity War, you’ll understand how the song title alone (“bury a friend”) relates to Tony and his guilt.

Quicksilver x CHVRCHES


“Never, never, never, ever. Never, ever, ever say die.”

RIP Quicksilver.

Scarlet Witch x Katy Perry


“So you wanna play with magic? Boy, you should know what you’re fallin’ for.”

Scarlet Witch (real name ‘Wanda Maximoff’) can easily be labeled as one of the most powerful Avengers, as her abilities include: telekinesis, hypnosis, and energy protection.

Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” accurately represents the power Wanda holds and the misfortune of anyone who underestimates her.

Spider-Man x Shawn Mendes


“It’s like that feeling when you’re about to win the medal. And you worked so hard, that you knew you wouldn’t settle.”

Spider-Man (real name, ‘Peter Parker’) is the youngest avenger and is in the process of proving his maturity, strength, and abilities to Tony Stark. Peter is extremely passionate about his work as Spider-Man and wants nothing more than to contribute to the work of the Avengers.

Shawn Mendes’ “Something Big” is easily relatable to Peter’s ambition and perseverance.

Thor x Halsey


“Do you feel like a young God? You know the two of us are just young Gods. We’ll be flying through the streets with the people underneath, and they’re running, running, running again.”

Thor (God of Thunder) uses his hammer (Mjølnir) to summon and direct lightning, wind, rain, and snow as a weapon. As the son of Odin and brother of Loki, Thor is a God.

While Halsey’s lyrics don’t relate directly to Thor, the concept of a God and the celestial imagery definitely does.

Vision x The 1975


“And if I believe you, will that make it stop? If I told you I need you, is that what you want?”

We have to act now. And not one of us can do it without the others. Maybe I am a monster. I don’t think I’d know if I were one. I’m not what you are and not what you intended.” – Vision to his Avengers team.

Vision (sometimes called ‘Vis’) was an accidental creation of one of the MCU’s villains, Ultron. Vision is constantly unsure of one of the infinity stones kept on his forehead, which ultimately plays a big role in Avengers: Infinity War.

Vision’s uneasiness with himself and the stone inside of him is prevalent throughout the Marvel films. Wanda (Scarlet Witch) is Vision’s partner and attempts to comfort him in a few scenes. The 1975’s emotional song is the perfect soundtrack to this dynamic.

War Machine x Kendrick Lamar


“It’s a secret society. All we ask is trust (all we ask is trust). All we got is us. Loyalty, loyalty, loyalty.”

War Machine (real name ‘Colonel James Rupert Rhodes’, sometimes called ‘Rhodey’) is a friend of Tony Stark’s. He is the liaison between the military and Tony’s company, ‘Stark Industries’.

As an Avenger, War Machine had to pick between Captain America and Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War and chose to side with Tony and the government.

If that isn’t “LOYALTY.”, we don’t know what is.

Winter Soldier x Taylor Swift


“But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time. Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time. I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined. I check it once, then I check it twice, oh! Look what you made me do.”

The Winter Soldier (real name ‘James Buchanan Barnes’, sometimes called ‘Bucky’) is Captain America’s best friend. Bucky was taken under the control of HYDRA, a secret terrorist organization within the MCU. Tortured, brainwashed, and ordered to kill, Bucky became a trained assassin with no control over his actions.

Bucky remains on the road to recovery while under the care of the Avengers, but Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” can be interpreted as Bucky clapping back at HYDRA.

Don’t forget to listen to the Avengers: Endgame soundtrack!

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