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Recap: BLACKPINK in Your Area Tour – Hamilton

Posted on May 08, 2019

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BLACKPINK was in OUR area on April 27th, 2019!

Photo courtesy of: blackpinkofficial | IG

This past month the powerhouse Korean girl group performed at the First Ontario Centre in Hamilton, Ontario. BLACKPINK, which consists of four members – Jennie, Rosé, Jisoo, and Lisa, are the first Korean girl group and second Korean act to perform at the venue after boy group BTS.

The girls are supported by their fanbase known as BLINKs who stick by them through thick and thin. Fans were stationed outside of the venue as early as four in the morning to be able to get a close glimpse of the girls. Those who purchased the VIP packages were able to be apart of the soundcheck as well as the “send-off” where they were able to interact with BLACKPINK before they left the venue.

Tour merchandise booths were stationed both inside and outside of the venue where the groups iconic hammer lightstick which represents both BLACKPINK and BLINKs were sold. The lightsticks were so popular that they had sold out hours before the show had begun leaving fans who were eager to purchase one with the option of a smaller keychain version.

Photo courtesy of: hi_jjongdae | Twitter

Another hot merch ticket item up for grabs was the black hoodie that Lisa wore during the encore performance. This sold out immediately after the concert ended.

Photo courtesy of: blackpinkofficial | IG

The power of BLACKPINK was evident as fans of all demographics showed up for the concert, proving that music transcends language.

Although the girls are apart of BLACKPINK, the concert allowed them to show off their individual talents through solo stages. Rosé went first, showcasing her vocal skills by performing a cover medley of the Beatle’s ‘Let It Be’, Park Bom’s ‘You & I’, and Taeyang’s ‘Only Look At Me’. Rosé was accompanied by a pianist, and the performance quickly turned emotional as she began to cry! She spoke on the incident moments later by saying “I made such a fool of myself. It only happens when I am in the moment, you guys made me feel so comfortable.”

Next to perform was Lisa, the only Thai and non-Korean member of the group. Lisa quickly turned the atmosphere around performing her now viral dance to Jason Derulo’s ‘Swalla’. Her performance was so mesmerizing, that many fans were holding their phones up to record but also watching the dance with their own eyes in order to properly implant the memory in their brains. The spectacle that Lisa put on through her dance, solidified her place as one of the top dancers within the industry.

As Lisa disappeared at the front of the stage via trap door, Jisoo appeared seated on top of glistening disco balls. She performed a cover of Zedd’s ‘Clarity‘, showcasing her vocal range. Despite being the only member who is not fluent in English, Jisoo’s pronunciations were spot on and had many BLINKs proud of how far she has come as a performer.

Last, but not least, Jennie performed her solo song appropriately named ‘SOLO’. The iconic line of “빛이 나는 솔로” (which translates to “I’m a shining solo”) could be heard throughout the venue that you could barely hear Jennie herself. Witnessing her performance in person, you can see why couture brand Chanel chose Jennie to be their one of their muses as she performed with a balance of elegance and charisma.

As mentioned earlier, member Rosé had shed a few tears during her performance. However, she was not the only BLACKPINK member to get emotional as Lisa too began to cry during the encore performance. Lisa’s emotional moment has been met with waves of “aww’s” all over the internet as it was revealed that the reason why Lisa had cried was because when looking into the crowd, she had noticed a blind BLINK who was enjoying the concert. This moved her heart as the other girls quickly moved to comfort her.

Although BLACKPINK has a small discography – 15 songs to be exact (including Jennie’s ‘SOLO’ and their collab with Dua Lipa ‘Kiss & Make Up’), they were able to bring the house down. The highlight performances of the night for them as a group were their opening song of ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’, their latest single ‘Kill This Love‘, their debut song ‘Boombayah’, and the encore ‘Hope Not’. BLACKPINK had BLINKS jumping up and down in their seats, singing at the top of their lungs, participating in fan chants, and dancing.

As the North American leg of their tour comes to a close this week in Fort Worth, they will begin touring across Europe and Australia.

Be sure to check out their latest EP: Kill This Love!