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#FAOTM: July x Julia Michaels

Posted on July 02, 2019

Julia Michaels x @JMichaelsHQ

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‘Fan Account of the Month’ (#FAOTM) is a fan-appreciation series on Umusic!

At Umusic, we acknowledge and value the efforts of fans from around the world. The passion, dedication, and love fans have for their favourite artists is something the team at Umusic has admired for a long while. For this reason, Umusic has decided to feature a fan account every month. This will give our Umusic community the opportunity to learn about different fandoms, their hardworking members, and more about the artists!

Fan account: A social media account created by a fan dedicated to a particular piece of pop culture. This series will focus on fan accounts dedicated to artists.

Update account: A fan-run social media source for fan accounts. An update account serves as the main source of updates on a specific artist. An update account will gather all media, promotional items, and information on an artist and share the information with other fans. Think of update accounts as a constantly updated Wikipedia for fans. This series will also focus on update accounts, which are simply larger fan accounts.

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Photo courtesy of: Julia Michaels | FB

July’s fan account of the month features a Julia Michaels fan account: @JMichaelsHQ! The account is run by Benns, who occasionally receives help from her friend Mat. Benns is a fan of Julia Michaels from the US who dedicates her time to managing @JMichaelsHQ. This Julia fan specializes in reporting on all things Julia, supporting Julia’s quickly expanding career, and providing fans a space to connect.

The team at Umusic asked Benns questions pertaining to Julia Michaels, Julia’s songwriting track record, and fan culture. Below are a collection of her answers:

How was this account born? What made your team want to update on Julia Michaels in the first place?

I started the account in November 2017. I had been supporting Julia for almost a year and I was surprised by how she still had no one running an update account for her. That’s when I thought “You know what? I’ll do it myself then!”. I created JMichaelsHQ as a place where Little Gems (that’s the name she gave to her fans) could all come together to not only support Julia but also find more fans to share their passion with, which was something I was having a hard time doing myself. After creating the account I texted Mat something like,”I finally did it. Would you wanna help me?” and he’s been my right hand ever since.

Why are you a fan of Julia?

I’m a fan of Julia because of everything she is as a human being. She’s caring, empathetic, amazing and she feels emotions to the fullest, both good and bad. She is the biggest ball of light all wrapped up into this tiny human body of hers. She has a way with words and understanding emotions that not many people have and it’s no surprise to me that’s through her songwriting for other artists that I fell under her spell many years ago.

One of the many reasons why Julia holds such a special place in my heart is how open and vocal she is on mental health issues. Back in 2017 she wrote an article for Glamour Magazine about living with anxiety and I remember feeling so understood and less alone after reading it. At the time I was just starting to figure out how much of my struggles with anxiety I wanted to share with the world, so that article really was some kinda wakeup call for me. Now I know that by talking about my issues (no pun intended!) I might be able to help someone else just like Julia helped me with that piece for Glamour Magazine.

She’s the kinda person who truly cares about her fans. It once took her over two (2) hours to meet around 50 people during one of her Meet & Greets. Isn’t that crazy? She’s the kinda person to call her fans by name the first time she meets them. Plus, she simply is naturally funny. The kinda funny that doesn’t even have to try.

Julia attacks you on multiple fronts at the same time with her many secret weapons and you can’t help but end up getting hooked like a fish. She can write, paint, sing, make you laugh AND make you feel understood all at once. How could I not be a fan?

Has Julia ever interacted with the account?

Yes! Julia has interacted with the account many times, whether it has been through Twitter or Instagram. Once, we were all counting down the days to the release of ‘Jump‘, her newest single at the time, which was set to come out on May 4th. If you’re a Star Wars fan you might be aware of the pun “May the 4th be with you,” and I decided to edit a proper promotional photo for the occasion. Julia saw it and decided to share it on both her Twitter and Instagram and it still makes me laugh to this day!

She’s also showed her appreciation for the multiple streaming parties we’ve organized throughout the years, but we still have one goal: getting her to follow the account! It’s kinda become an inside joke, but in case she’s reading this article…hi girl, it’s time!

Has your account started any fan projects?

Yes! We try to do as much as possible! We have organized multiple streaming parties since we created the account the first one being the one for ‘Jump‘!

A project that’ll always have a special place in our hearts is the one we put together in honor of Julia’s big day at the 60th Grammys in 2018, where she got two nominations. We launched the hashtag #GoodLuckBigGem and invited all the Gems to send positive vibes to Julia.

As Julia went on her first tour as a headliner we decided to have fans involved in the updating process by having them take over our Snapchat account, created for the occasion.

We had lots of fun seeing everyone share bites of their show days and we have so much more planned out on @JMichaelsOnTour for her upcoming shows! Having fans be part of projects definitely is one of the best parts of it!

Julia has written for A LOT of artists – do you have a favourite song she’s written for someone else?

Anyone who knows me knows how my favourite songs usually are the ones that make me the most emotional, so of course emo anthems had to be on top of my list in this case too! ‘Heavy’ – Linkin Park, ‘Revival‘ – Selena Gomez, ‘i can’t breathe / I Dare You – bea miller’, ‘Barbies’ – P!nk, ‘Back To Beautiful’ – Sofia Carson.

Photo courtesy of: Zimbio

Give us your favourite Julia x Niall Horan moment!

My favourite Julia x Niall moment definitely has to be the day they appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden! Most people probably don’t know, but that day the two of them had to film their performance of ‘What A Time‘ twice because Julia started to cry during the first take. Performing that song live is never easy for Julia and having Niall by her side, comforting her with a hug the second she was done singing, it meant a lot to me to see that because I knew how much that meant to her.

Plus, on a lighter note, they’re both extremely funny without even trying and seeing them struggle to get out of the escape room James set up for them had me in tears from laughing!

Have you ever met Julia?

Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to meet Julia many times! It honestly feels like a breath of fresh air every single time. First of all, she gives the best hugs. I know, I know, it’s something people say a lot, but I’m pretty sure with Julia it’s been proven scientifically. She might be tiny, but she still manages to wrap herself around you completely without letting go until she feels like you’ve had enough.

[The second time I met Julia] she was running late for her plane, but she still found time to stop for me and a couple other people who were waiting for her outside of a radio station in London.

I also met her almost exactly a year ago, when Julia had her first set as a headliner in New York City on The Today Show. I’ve always known how much it means to her to have familiar faces in the crowd when she performs, but I think I had never truly realized it until that day.

All of a sudden her interview for the show started playing through the speakers and I got super emotional: seeing all those people show up at 5 in the morning just to support her made me look back at the days Issues had just come out and it was insane to think how far she had come.


We started talking to each other using gestures of our hands, saying something like “I can’t believe these many people showed up for me!” and “You better believe it. It’s just the beginning!” and I wish I were kidding when I say we both started crying at the same time.

Reuniting with Julia always feels like pure magic and it’s something I’ll never take for granted, because every single time I leave feeling brand new, at peace with the entire universe. It’s like meeting that one good friend you know you can always be yourself around no matter what or how long it’s been since you last hang out with them. 

Do you have a favourite Julia music video?

The music video that ties with ‘What A Time‘ as my favourite Julia music video is ‘Happy’. I loved its concept and figuring out how well it was telling the song’s story visually. The song is about Julia’s tendency to sabotage her relationships in order to write more music. I really appreciated [the part in the music video] where she’s standing still, almost emotionless, while in the background we see a blindfolded young man hitting a piñata as the song goes “I watch them fall apart”. I loved how they managed to picture the song’s meaning. Let me give the biggest round of applause to Boni Mata for being such an amazing video director!

Do you have a favourite Julia song on #InnerMonologuePart2?

Julia proved once again that her strength is her honesty [through IMP2]. People are eager for raw emotions and that’s exactly what she gave them with this EP. All the songs hit a specific chord in me, resonating on different levels. Lyrics wise, ‘Body’ and ‘Shouldn’t Have Said It’ take the crown.

What makes Julia different from other pop stars in the world right now?

Photo courtesy of: Billboard

Her authenticity. Not that other artists aren’t, but there’s just something about Julia that most people out there don’t have. It definitely might be due to her songwriting skills; being able to put your feelings right into words without necessarily having to go through someone else’s thought process must make a difference after all. Another thing that puts her on a whole different level is how she’s able to make you feel safe and comfortable. When you’re talking to her she looks you straight in the eyes and just listens, giving you her full attention. And she doesn’t make you feel judged, ever. She makes you feel understood. And I think that’s something rare to find in today’s world in general, not just in pop music’s scene. 

If you could say one thing to someone who may not be a Julia fan (yet), what would you say?

What are you waiting for?? She’s super talented, unique, funny and loves her fans SO much, which is never a bad thing (we could all use some extra love in our lives, right?) And let me tell you one shocking thing: you might even be a fan already! Think of your top 10 favourite pop songs, I bet she’s co-written at least one of them. Didn’t work? Now think of your top 10 favourite pop artists. Got them? Julia most likely worked with 5 of them!

If this also didn’t work don’t worry, we have one last trick up our sleeve. Listen to one of her songs (#InnerMonologuePart2 came out on June 28th *wink wink*), watch one of her interviews and take a look around her social media. And if by then you’re still not sold well…we all got our Issues, right?

If you could say one thing to Julia, what would you say?

I know trusting yourself is always hard, especially when you have a million voices in your head voicing your wildest fears, but I think by now you’ve proved how capable you are. No more denying yourself things out of fear because guess what? That leap of faith you took three years ago turned out to be the best thing you could’ve ever done. You have a light in you, the power to make people feel less alone. You give them a voice and a way to come to terms with emotions they didn’t even know they had troubles with.

Photo courtesy of: Glamour

Never stop giving your everything and keep being your cute, messy self we all know and love. Keep wearing sneakers that’ll make you look a couple inches taller, keep doodling cute aliens in spaceships and keep doing all those little things that make you happy and we all adore so much. For someone who could barely sing in front of her guitarist, you’ve come a pretty long way and I hope you know all of us can’t wait to walk the rest of it right by your side. We’re proud of you and we’ll always be. And thank you for being vulnerable with us. We gotchu girl.

Are there any other Julia Michaels fan accounts you recommend?

To this day, we’re still the only update account for Julia on an international scale, but her Italian fan page: JMichaelsItalia and this Instagram fan account: wearelittlegems have been around for as long as we can remember.

The Umusic team would like to thank Benns and all of the Julia Michaels fans for the hard work they put into their accounts. Your passion, sweet tweets, and promotional efforts do not go unnoticed.

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