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New Music Friday: Shawn Mendes, BLACKPINK, Julia Michaels and more!

Posted on October 02, 2020

Today we come packed with new and comeback releases. Some of these are going to be among the best songs of 2020, guaranteed! Are you ready to discover them?

Shawn Mendes – Wonder

Artwork for “Intro” and “Wonder”, courtesy of @shawnmendes on Instagram

Our wonder boy is back. He sure sure kept us waiting, but a long time without new music will always be rewarded when it’s Shawn Mendes we’re talking about. Earlier this week we saw the track named “Intro” drop everywhere and now “Wonder”, which came with a fully fledged music video, is finally out!


Listen to “Wonder” here.

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Image courtesy of @blackpinkofficial on Instagram

After starring in some of pop music’s latest and biggest collaborations with artists such as Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez, the quartet of Lisa, Rosé, Jennie and Jisoo has finally released the long-awaited full-length “THE ALBUM”. It features a string of new songs including “Lovesick Girls”, which is set to become one of the group’s iconic songs.


Listen to “THE ALBUM” here.

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Julia Michaels – Lie Like This

Image courtesy of @juliamichaels on Instagram

The long wait is over, Julia Michaels is back! And we don’t need to tell you, but this highly anticipated song is a really good one. After spending most of the year working on her songwriter side, “Lie Like This” is her first solo work of 2020 and we couldn’t ask for a better one to hold the spot. Be warned however, for this song hits differently. You cannot miss it!

Listen to “Lie Like This” here.

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Internet Money – Lemonade (Feat. Roddy Ricch & Don Toliver) [Remix]

Image courtesy of @thetaztaylor on Instagram

This is not the first time we get some “Lemonade”, but it’s the first time we hear it like this. This remix was made when the Internet Money collective brought Roddy Ricch to the blender, who made some “Lemonade” that tastes different that the previous one. Are you up for a sip? Let us know what you think!

Listen to “Lemonade (Feat. Roddy Ricch & Don Toliver) [Remix]” here.

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Demi Lovato – Still Have Me

Image courtesy of @ddlovato on Instagram

Well, that got even us by surprise. Demi Lovato is back! After the release of “OK Not To Be OK” with Marshmello a few weeks ago, this unexpected single arrives with great timing, for we can never get enough of good music. “Still Have Me” is an entirely different song however, softer and more intimate. If f you like Demi Lovato, this release is everything you need!

Listen to “Still Have Me” here.

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The Vamps – Better

Image courtesy of @thevamps on Instagram

It feels like after getting “Married in Vegas” and playing with some “Chemicals”, these boys are plotting something bigger and “Better”, but what might it be? Perhaps their “Cherry Blossom” album dropping October 16th!


Listen to “Better” here.

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Oliver Malcolm – Outside

Image courtesy of @olivermalcolm on Instagram

2020 has been a busy one for Oliver Malcolm. “Outside” is his fifth single, following up on the success of all the releases that came after “Switched Up” earlier this year. Make sure to give a listen to this song, for Oliver is one of those to watch!

Listen to “Outside” here.

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Brothers Osborne – Dead Man’s Curve

Image courtesy of @brothersosborne on Instagram

Just one week after the Canadian Country Music Awards, you know we had to present you a country release. And it’s already October? “Skeletons” sure is around the corner! But before we finally get the full-length from Brothers Osborne, we need to drive through the “Dead Man’s Curve”. It’s going to be a fun ride!

Listen to “Dead Man’s Curve” here.

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Imposs – ÉlévaZIIION (Société distincte)

Image courtesy of @impossnation on Instagram

Québec and Canada are celebrating Hip-hop today, for the Montréal rapper just dropped his latest album “ÉlévaZIIION (Société distincte)”, a work of art including 20 tracks, which are all pretty on point. Which one is your favourite? We can’t decide!

Listen to “ÉlévaZIIION (Société distincte)” here.

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Command Sisters – Lonely Lullaby

Image courtesy of @commandsisters on Instagram

This has been a busy year for the Toronto-based sister duo, but the Command Sisters (yes, they are sisters and yes, that is their surname) are not getting low on energy and are ready to begin October with their latest song, “Lonely Lullaby”. Their unique aesthetic is imprinted sonically in this track, which is a must listen!

Listen to “Lonely Lullaby” here.

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Jon Pardi – Heartache Medication (Deluxe Version)

Image courtesy of @jonpardi on Instagram

Remember last year, when we listened to “Heartache Medication” for hours and hours? Now we can relive the experience but larger and better, for Jon Pardi is back with “Heartache Medication (Deluxe Version)”. This new album includes all the songs we loved from the original, and includes “Bar Downtown”, “Beer Light” and “Ain’t Always The Cowboy – Western Version”. We cannot get enough of those improved albums, keep ‘em coming!

Listen to “Heartache Medication (Deluxe Version)” here.

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Ella Mai – Not Another Love Song

Image courtesy of @ellamaimusic on Instagram

Ella Mai is such a unique voice – every time she has new music for us we know it’s going to be something special. The first time we listened to this release we couldn’t help but start dreaming about a follow-up to her 2018 album. Is this going to become one of your favourite Ella Mai songs as well?

Listen to “Not Another Love Song” here.

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We made it! The week is over, and now it’s time to relax and catch a break! We’re going to be listening to these songs on repeat all the weekend, as well as many others found here. Also, come say hi on Instagram if you’re around!