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New Music Friday: Johnny Orlando, Valley, Ariana Grande and more!

Posted on October 23, 2020

This week we’re extra excited, for a lot of fan-favourites return, and in a BIG way! We have everything, from EPs by great Canadian acts to singles from pop icons. So get ready to give your ears a treat! Want more? Do not hesitate to check this playlist here!

Johnny Orlando – It’s Never Really Over

Photo Credit: Norman Wong

Johnny Orlando has been keeping himself busy these past few months. After the release of “Everybody Wants You” in early September and his drive-in show in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, it’s only natural to assume that he was also hitting the recording studio.

“It’s Never Really Over”, his brand new EP, includes new songs like “Adelaide”, that are set to become instant classics on the Canadian rising star’s repertoire and will get stuck on our head for months to come.

Listen to “It’s Never Really Over” here.

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Valley – sucks to see you doing better

Cover art for the Valley EP “sucks to see you doing better”

Valley is back! The JUNO nominated indie-pop band just released their latest EP, “sucks to see you doing better”. This EP has the Valley stamp on all of the songs because it includes: profound lyrics, upbeat hooks, emotional textures, and the energy of 20-somethings experiencing love & heartbreak. If you don’t know Valley yet, don’t waste a second more and jump on the bandwagon!

Listen to “sucks to see you doing better” here.

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Ariana Grande – positions

Photo credit: Dave Meyers

This week is going to be extremely long for Ariana Grande fans. Her sixth album, dropping on October 30th, is almost here. To make the wait a little bit more bearable, she dropped one of the album’s singles, “positions” so we can enjoy it and get a small glimpse of what’s to come. The single comes accompanied by a music video that lightly speaks to the relevant political climate the entire world is experiencing right now.

Listen to “positions” here.

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Zedd, Griff – Inside Out

Press Image for “Zedd, Griff – Inside Out”

What can we say about Zedd that hasn’t been said before? Ever since he became worldwide known during the “Clarity” era, he has been one of the most successful pop/dance artists out there for a while now, and has earned multiple awards that solidify this statement. “Inside Out”, alongside Griff, ads more and more to a decade-long career that just does not seem to see a ceiling anywhere near.

Listen to “Inside Out” here.

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Jamie Lynn Spears – Follow Me (Zoey 101)

Photo credit: Katia Temkin

This one’s a blast from the past. Who does remember the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101? Airing between 2005 and 2008, the show’s main character, Zoey, was played by Jamie Lynn Spears herself, who also sung the main theme “Follow Me”. Now, thirteen years after the end of season 4, this iconic track is revived and released officially for the first time through “Follow Me (Zoey 101)” with help from Chantel Jeffries. If you’re a fan of the show, you should research about what’s happening on Sunday, October 25th.

Listen to “Follow Me (Zoey 101)” here.

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PUP – “This Place Sucks Ass”

Photo credit: @ohmyrockness on Twitter

Toronto punk band PUP are back with their latest EP, “This Place Sucks Ass”. Do not be fooled by the title chosen, this release will be the joy of fans of the genre all around! This EP includes all the work the band released during 2020 and assesses itself as a worthy follow-up to the band’s latest album, “Morbid Stuff”, which rewarded them with love from multiple publications and solidified them as one of the most energetic up and coming bands in the scene.

Listen to “This Place Sucks Ass” here.

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Emily Reid – Stay Golden

Press Image for “Emily Reid – Stay Golden”

Nominating Emily Reid for the “Rising Star” award at the 2020 CCMAs was not a mistake, for the Canadian-born sweetheart proves with every new song that she lives up to the bright title. “Stay Golden” is proof of how, after releasing “Wine”, Emily has honed even more her skills as a singer/songwriter. We’re eager to see what she does next!

Listen to “Stay Golden” here.

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The Kemist – Bassline

Press Image for The Kemist

Artist, DJ and producer The Kemist brings the heat and is going to make those buffers rumble with his latest track “Bassline”. The Kemist is Jamaica’s hottest new triple threat and rising star in the dance scene and is heavily supported by DJs like Major Lazer, Diplo, Tropkillaz and Sak Noel. We better not lose sight of him if we want to know where the party’s at!

Listen to “Bassline” here.

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THEY. – The Amanda Tape

“The Amanda Tape” is the first LP that the American R&B duo THEY. has released in three years. It’s a 10 track-project that includes 2020 releases as well as new music. It’s a work full of great songs that are perfect for your Friday afternoon listening session, and then again and again! By the way, “On and On” also has a cool music video!

Listen to “The Amanda Tape” here.

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And that’s a wrap! What’s your favourite release for today? What are you going to listen non-stop this weekend? Is it Johnny? Valley? Ariana waiting for next Friday? Let us know on Instagram at @Umusic! See you in a week!