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Posted on November 10, 2020

BLACKPINK x bpinksnews

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‘Fan Account of the Month’ (#FAOTM) is a fan-appreciation series on UMUSIC!

At UMUSIC, we acknowledge and value the efforts of fans from around the world. The passion, dedication, and love fans have for their favourite artists is something the team at UMUSIC has admired for a long while. For this reason, UMUSIC has decided to feature a fan account every month. This will give our UMUSIC community the opportunity to learn about different fandoms, their hardworking members, and more about the artists!

Fan account: A social media account created by a fan dedicated to a particular piece of pop culture. This series will focus on fan accounts dedicated to artists.

Update account: A fan-run social media source for fan accounts. An update account serves as the main source of updates on a specific artist. An update account will gather all media, promotional items, and information on an artist and share the information with other fans. Think of update accounts as a constantly updated Wikipedia for fans. This series will also focus on update accounts, which are simply larger fan accounts.

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November’s fan account of the month features a BLACKPINK update account: bpinksnews! The account is run by a team of BLACKPINK fans from around the world: Nancy from Yemen, Phi from Canada, hey_Jenniebaefrom Hong Kong, Steph from the Philippines, Val from Colombia, and Avril from Peru. The team has grown their Instagram following to over 100,000 in just over a year, providing fans with chart, mentions, and overall updates on the girls. Running bpinksnews and updating fellow fans on all things BP is one of the many ways the team is able to show their love, appreciation, and admiration for the “Lovesick Girls“.

The team at UMUSIC asked bpinksnews questions pertaining to BLACKPINK, their newest album, merch, and fan culture. Below are a collection of their answers:

Why are you a fan of BLACKPINK?

They are the epitome of duality! Their name BLACKPINK represents their different sides, showing how multi-faceted women are, we can be sweet and gentle but we can also be assertive and bold. On top of that, all four members have different personalities but came together for their love of music, they have shown the world what it means to be determined, strong, focused, and goal-oriented. Not to mention how great their music is!

Can you describe your journey supporting BLACKPINK since their debut?

All six of us became part of the BLACKPINK fandom (BLINKs) during different times. Some of us supported the girls since their debut and others discovered the group later on, but we can all agree that their journey has not been easy. We have seen the girls go from being 4 newcomers in the music industry to currently being the biggest girl group in the world! We have seen them go through many hardships, music hiatuses, scandals, etc. It has not been easy, but our initial instincts were always to protect and support the members. Even when the odds are against them, we stay by their side, because they are worth it, BLACKPINK is worth it.

We’re very proud of them too, they have broken records after records and are ambassadors of big brands such as Chanel, YSL, Dior, Celine and MAC Cosmetics.

How would you describe BLINKs and the wonderful community you’ve all built?

A protective, loving, passionate, and dysfunctional family that cares for BLACKPINK. Every fandom has its ups and downs but what unites BLINKs and makes us a force to be reckoned with is our love for BLACKPINK. We are ready to call out anyone who mistreats any of the members and will always defend the girls.

What is your favourite song off of “THE ALBUM”?

We truly love all the songs from The Album but our favorites are “You Never Know” and “Crazy Over You“, both songs show different colors of BLACKPINK.

You Never Know” is an emotional ballad-esque song, the message behind the song is deep and relatable. Despite the negativity, the hatred, and obstacles, keep going, keep fighting and stay true to who you are, keep on shining. It’s a very beautiful, motivational, and heartfelt song with amazing vocals.

On the other hand, “Crazy Over You” is a hard-hitting love song, the track gives oriental and hip hop rhythms that compliment the lyrics pretty well. It also showcases BLACKPINK’s bold attitude, highlighting how they can have whatever they want while making many people jealous in the process, something BLACKPINK does on a daily basis!

What was your favourite moment in the girls’ Netflix documentary: “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky”?

Our favorite moments in the “Light Up The Sky” documentary were when the girls talked about their upbringings and their personal obstacles and journeys. We got to see a more vulnerable side to BLACKPINK and a lot of baby pictures, pre-debut videos and photos were shown, it was very emotional.

The very last scene when they were at the restaurant, reminiscing was quite emotional as well, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa are really like a family and it showed well during that scene.

Which BLACKPINK merch item is your favourite?

Choosing one favorite Item is very difficult, but we love the “Pyong bong”, our fandom lightstick. It lights up and squeaks when you hit it, it’s like a mini heart hammer, the lightstick keyring version is also pretty cute!

We also love the various hoodies, they remind us of the hoodies the members love to wear on a daily basis. 


Do you have a favourite BLACKPINK collaboration?

We appreciate the unique sounds of each collaboration, from BLACKPINK’s first collab “Kiss and Make Up” with Dua Lipa to bubblegum pop “Ice Cream” with Selena Gomez. But currently, our favorite collaborations are “Sour Candy” with Lady Gaga and “Bet You Wanna” with Cardi B.

Half of the admins love “Sour Candy” for its unique and experimental sound, it is nothing like anything BLACKPINK has ever released, it’s a very cool song.

The other half love “Bet You Wanna” for being an upbeat party cut, people also call it a club-ready bop, it hypes you up every time you listen to it! On top of that, we are also blown away by BLACKPINK’s amazing vocals in the song.

What makes BLACKPINK different from other artists in the world right now?

  • The unique charm of each member and when they come together, there’s this aura that draws you in.
  • The bond between the girls, they have known each other for years and truly are like sisters.
  • They are fierce and chic on stage, yet very silly and cute off stage.
  • How well rounded they are, they each hold various charms and talents. 
  • Their trainee experience was very unique, especially compared to most non kpop groups.
  • They are very authentic and passionate about what they do.

If you could say one thing to the girls, what would you say?

We BLINKs are very proud of all four of you. No matter what the future holds, we will forever remember how brightly you have shone, and how much joy you have brought us. We also want to let you know that we are extremely grateful for all the efforts the four of you make, we know it’s not easy and we appreciate every single thing you girls have done. For now please just stay in the moment and take care of yourselves, your happiness is our happiness! Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, we will love and support you, always.

Are there any other BLACKPINK accounts you recommend?

On Instagram, we would like to recommend:

Our back-up account – @bpink_news

@haimthegirl/@blackpinkconceptarts – Does great BLACKPINK merchandise/art concepts.

@bpvotingfam – informs & reminds blinks of every voting event.

On Twitter, we would like to recommend:

@i60808 – Translates (Korean to English) important BLACKPINK related articles, messages etc.

@BP_VotingTeam – informs & reminds blinks of every voting event

The UMUSIC team would like to thank bpinksnews and all of the BLACKPINK fans for the hard work they put into their accounts. Your dedication, art, and fandom initiatives do not go unnoticed.


Keep checking our social media for our next fan account of the month!

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