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New Music Friday: Billie Eilish, BENEE, BAD CHILD, Command Sisters and more!

Posted on November 13, 2020

You better not believe in any of those Friday 13th superstitions, because the selection of new music we have today makes us think they cannot be real! We have new Billie Eilish, a couple albums we’ve been waiting for, and a new Johnny Orlando video!

Billie Eilish – Therefore I Am

Billie Eilish press photo November 2020

It feels like forever since we’ve had new Billie Eilish music, but thankfully that just got fixed this week! Her latest single, “Therefore I Am” comes accompanied by a music video showcasing Billie doing what we all dreamt of doing as children: to roam inside an empty shopping mall! But would you have done what she ends up doing? Check out the song and the video to find out!


Listen to “Therefore I Am” here.

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BENEE – Hey u x

Photo credit: Harry Were

BENEE’s been in this section for three weeks in a row now and there’s a reason for that: leading up to her album! “Hey u x” includes 13 tracks and outstanding collaborations. If you liked “Happen To Me” and “Plain” by the New Zealand artist, you will love this album. “KOOL” is definitely our favourite song from the album, which one is yours?

Listen to “Hey u x” here.

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Lil Mosey – Jumpin Out The Face

Lil Mosey press photo November 2020

Lil Mosey helped Swae Lee with his latest release “Krabby Step” one week ago, but now it’s his time to shine again on his own. “Jumpin Out The Face” is a statement to the talent of the young rapper, who is already reaching quality levels seen in musicians with longer careers. He’s quickly becoming one of the big ones!

Listen to “Jumpin Out The Face” here.

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Photo credit: René Gibson

This Canadian talent brings us “COVERS”, his follow-up to the 2019 album “Sign Up”. This EP includes 4 songs, all of them with the BAD CHILD seal of quality embedded in them. (Sneak peek: BAD CHILD covers a very underrated Harry Styles song in this project…) Enjoy your weekend treat!

Listen to “COVERS” here.

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2 Chainz – So Help Me God!

2Chainz press photo November 2020

“So Help Me God!” has finally dropped! This is the highly-awaited new 2 Chainz album, following up to 2019’s “Rap Or Go To The League”. This album has 15 tracks and includes outstanding collaborations with names like Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Ty Dolla $ign among others. We are in awe and will definitely have this project on repeat for at least one week.

Listen to “So Help Me God!” here.

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DaniLeigh – MOVIE

“MOVIE” album artwork

“MOVIE” is DaniLeigh’s second album, but it’s way more than that! This project includes an almost half-hour video counterpart and all of her recent hits, in a 16-track LP that is a must-listen to the fans of this multi-talented artist who is shaping the scene at her will. So either get your best audio source or grab some popcorn and head to YouTube, because you cannot miss the work of this “Superstar”!

Listen to “MOVIE” here.

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Command Sisters – Feel Good

Photo credit: Matt Barnes

Canadian sister duo Command Sisters are back with their latest single “Feel Good” after the release of “Lonely Lullaby” last month. One thing is clear about the sisters: their unique aesthetic blends with their music in a way that makes it difficult to believe there isn’t a place in music history waiting for these two!

Listen to “Feel Good” here.

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Johnny Orlando – Adelaide (Music Video)

Johnny Orlando just released the music video for one of his latest hit songs, “Adelaide”. The song was originally featured in the EP “It’s Never Really Over”, which came out on October 23rd. After the success of the “Colour Visual” series of videos for all the tracks in the EP, the next step for Johnny was to release a music video, and here we have it! Similar to “It’s Never Really Over”, this is another example of his growth as an artist.

Listen to “It’s Never Really Over” here.

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That’s all from us! It’s getting cold, so we recommend staying inside listening to music as a good way of spending the weekend. Catch you on Instagram at @Umusic and you tell us about your weekend plans?