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MEET: BAD CHILD, Canada’s self-taught genre-bender

Posted on March 02, 2021

BAD CHILD is a Canadian self-taught singer, songwriter, music producer and multi instrumentalist who blends influences of rock, hip-hop and dance in a way that defies expectations. After losing his mother at a young age and experiencing heartbreak, this artist creates a connection between deep lyrics and unique sounds that present the listener with an auditive journey like no other.

Let’s take a closer look at BAD CHILD’s unique way of artistic expression.

Watch his music video for “$1,000,000,” off his debut full-length album, ‘Free Trial,’ released on February 26th.

Photo credit: René Gibson

We were first introduced to BAD CHILD when his self-titled and acclaimed single, “BAD CHILD”, was released on SoundCloud. This single was not only his way of stepping into the scene – it also gave us one of the artist’s most iconic moments shaped as a video of his performance in the Toronto venue The Hideout.

After the success of this first single came “Payback” on December 2018. This second release would solidify BAD CHILD as an artist with a unique path ahead of him, both for the track’s mold breaking sound and the display of artistic talents.

BAD CHILD was quickly noticed by eyes that matter, for between the release of “Payback” and his third single “Breathing Fire” (released on March 2019), he was already featured among the Ones To Watch.

<<“Breathing Fire” is my journey through fleeting romance while also navigating struggles with indulgence in pain verses pleasure>>

On 2019, BAD CHILD toured in the U.S. as a support act for HOUSES, appearing in cities such as Austin, Dallas, Phoenix and Las Vegas. Having already been recognized by publications like The FaderHillyDilly and Clash Magazine, Sidewalk Hustle, his next single “Desert Island Lover” came shortly after on June 14th 2019.

<<“Desert Island Lover” is a paradox – to me it’s about how two people can willingly participate in a relationship founded on entrapment. It’s about becoming comfortable in that cycle. The song was built to sound like a really good time on the surface but beneath have a deeper tone. The video was shot in Paris country side and was designed to be a beautiful take on the loneliness that happens in being trapped>>

“Sign Up” EP artwork

Shortly after an impressive music festival run (playing prestigious line ups like Great Escape, Glastonbury, Lollapalooza and Osheaga) on August 16th 2019, BAD CHILD’s previous singles were included into “Sign Up”, his first EP that became the perfect gateway to know him. The 9-track work was mixed by Spike Stent (Frank Ocean, Muse, Beyoncé, Coldplay) and is a prime example of the unique style-blending and personal lyrics that come from this artist’s creativity. Later down the road, in October, came the release of the music video for one of the EP songs, “Pretty Girls”.

You can listen to “Sign Up” here.


  1. Signing Up
  3. Pretty Girls
  4. Breathing Fire
  5. Flowers
  6. Desert Island Lover
  7. Picking Cherries
  8. Payback
  9. Deeply In Love

By the time “Sign Up” was released, he already was one of the 2019 SOCAN Songwriting Prize finalists. 2019 was truly an unique year for BAD CHILD, but 2020 had even more in store for him, and for us fans!

“To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You” soundtrack artwork. Credit: Netflix

On February 7, 2020, BAD CHILD released two new songs, “Candy” and “Behave” under the project named simply as “I”. This project meant BAD CHILD’s jump to the big screen because “Candy”, featuring Ryan Chambers, was picked to appear in the Netflix movie To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You, the sequel to the successful 2018 movie.

<<I’m proud to be a part of Michael Fimognari’s film! It’s wonderful to see so much representation on the big screen and I’m glad I can add my voice to his project!>>

You can listen to “I” here.

During the following months BAD CHILD released music videos for both tracks featured in “I”, and a small remix feature for “Sing Up” came out: five out of the nine tracks were remixed by MUNYA, Blake Skowron, Bok Bok, Dieselike and Alice Ivy.

In order to help relieve the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, BAD CHILD was featured alongside fellow Canadians like Justin Bieber, Geddy Lee, Avril Lavigne and many more on a cover of the classic “Lean On Me” as the broadcast event Stronger Together Tous Ensemble on April 26th 2020.  The cover was released following the show on all streaming platforms with all proceeds going to the Canadian Red Cross.

On July 3rd 2020 BAD CHILD released his most personal song to date, “Blood”, focusing on the story of his family and his mixed origins.

<<“Blood” is what watered the roots of my family tree, I made this song to help me understand myself – coming from such a broad and multi-cultural background I never knew where I belonged. Growing up eating north African food, listening to French music, hearing many different languages and ways of thinking. I always felt connected to each of them.>>

By the end of July, “Blood” would be featured with another single, “HI DEF” on “II”, the project-follow up to “I”.

Listen to “II” here.

<<“HI DEF” is a conversation about distraction and ignorance in the face of large social issues. The visual is about the things that happen in the background that go on to change the world. If you’re not looking, you’ll miss it.>>

But what has BAD CHILD been up to lately? Besides his official releases, he remixed Ferraro’s “You Look Good Like That” and has been covering songs that have meant a lot for him and inspired him during the years. These covers have finally given shape to his second EP, “COVERS”.

“COVERS” EP artwork

“COVERS” was released on November 13th 2020. The four songs reimagined in this project are “To Be So Lonely” by Harry Styles, Bill Wither’s “Hope She’ll Be Happier”, “Time Has Come Today” from The Chambers Brothers and “Black Hole Sun”, a piece by Soundgarden.

Coinciding with the release of the EP, an animated hand-drawing visualizer for The Chamber Brother’s “Time Has Come Today” cover has been released with drawings done by BAD CHILD.

<<The “COVERS” EP is a reimagining of some of my favourites pieces of work from artists I admire greatly. “Black Hole Sun” was a lullaby my mother would sing to when I was young. It’s a thank you and an homage to the artists who’ve helped me through so much.>>

You can listen to “COVERS” here.


  1. To Be So Lonely
  2. Hope She’ll Be Happier
  3. Time Has Come Today
  4. Black Hole Sun

“Free Trial” is the latest release from BAD CHILD.

“FREE TRIAL” album artwork

On February 26, 2021, BAD CHILD released his first full-length album. “Free Trial” features 19 tracks, including previously released singles alongside six brand new songs. The album also comes with narrated voice over clips, guiding fans through the phases of “Free Trial.”

<<I have spent the last four years of my life dying for this to happen. I needed to make this album. I wrote a lot of it with my best friends and made so many memories with them. I’m lucky to be working with the most talented teams, they’ve helped with all of my crazy ideas. I wouldn’t be anywhere without the support they’ve given me and the support you’ve given me!!!>>

You can listen to “FREE TRIAL” here.


  1. Signing Up
  3. Breathing Fire
  4. HI DEF
  5. Blood
  6. $1,000,000
  7. Suitable Partner
  8. Pretty Girls
  9. Deeply In Love
  10. Candy (feat. Ryan Chambers)
  11. Desert Island Lover
  12. Mannequin
  13. Mannequin (Reprise)
  14. Picking Cherries
  15. Royalty
  16. Flowers
  17. Rouge
  18. Behave
  19. Payback

In a time where music-making has become an accessible hobby for most aspiring young musicians who try to pursue it as a career, it’s encouraging to see someone take the equation and solve it to such a great extent: be a self-taught individual who masters the craft and keeps breaking boundaries every passing day. We are incredibly excited for what the future has in store for BAD CHILD! Are you?

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