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New Music Friday: Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, Belly and more!

Posted on April 09, 2021

This week is a doozy in the best way possible. Time to get that Summer playlist ready because we’ve got ten new releases from heavyweights like Luke Bryan, Belly, Olivia Lunny, and Taylor Swift (but you knew that already).

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Holly Humberstone “Haunted House” 

That angelic voice, though. For a song about a “Haunted House,” this song is anything but eerie. About the song, Holly said she feels very emotionally connected to the paranormal vibes of her childhood home, referring to these feelings as ‘nostalgic’ and ‘fragile’.

Listen to “Haunted House” here.

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renforshort “exception” 

renforshort may only be 18-years-old, but she knows what she wants. In “exception,” she discusses a relationship that isn’t exactly available to her – in more ways than one. The track candidly displays the situation as-is, but doesn’t hold back on her fantasy.

“exception” is her second track of 2021, following February’s release of “virtual reality” (check it out here). renfortshort’s music creates a very specific vibe for listeners, all about the tumultuous coming-of-age journey. We can’t wait until the release of her sophomore EP, ‘off saint dominique,’ coming this Spring!

Listen to ‘exception’ here.

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Belly “IYKYK” & “Money On The Table”

It’s been a while since we last heard from Belly, but now he’s making up for lost time with not one, but two bangers released on April 7th called “Money On The Table” and “IYKYK.” Both tracks have an old-school vibe with crystal clear messaging.

Listen to “IYKYK” here and “Money On The Table” here.

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Priscilla Block “Wish You Were The Whiskey”

Priscilla has been waiting for the perfect moment to drop “Wish You Were The Whiskey.” The song was written two years ago, but she decided to wait until now; after she blew up on TikTok with her song, “Thick Thighs,” and rose to popularity all on her own.

Keep an eye out for her upcoming EP, which she announced through TikTok on April 6th.

Listen to “I Wish You Were The Whiskey” here.

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J Balvin ft. Khalid “Otra Noche Sin Ti”

Both J. Balvin and Khalid have been releasing hit after hit for the past few years. So we’re not surprised that “Otra Noche Sin Ti,” which translates to “Another Night Without You,” is quickly climbing the charts now that the two legends came together.

This track conveys a message that we can all relate to in quarantine; when we are missing our loved ones and feeling disconnected, we’re grateful to have a song that distinctly conveys our feelings.

Listen to ““Otra Noche Sin Ti” here.

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Lil Tecca “Show Me Up” 

Just because we can’t party the way we used to thanks to Miss Rona, doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. “Show Me Up” is Lil Tecca’s second single of 2021 after being featured on “JETSKI” by Internet Money, which also featured Lil Mosey. Check it out here.

Listen to “Show Me Up” here.

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Luke Bryan ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here’ Deluxe Album 

Just in time for Summer, Luke Bryan released the deluxe version of his album ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here,’ which originally came out last August. The country superstar has added six new tracks, including the romantic new single, “Waves.We have a feeling this song will be everywhere this summer.

‘Born Here Live Here Die Here,’ released in 2020, was Luke Bryan’s ninth studio album. The country singer tends to release music every couple years, so it only makes sense that he would bless us with new tracks! We love a consistent King.

Listen to ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here’ here.

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Taylor Swift ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’

The wait is finally over! We were patient, searched for Easter eggs, decoded the secret messages and at last, we can listen to ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ in all of its 2008 glory, with a twist.

This album features a whopping 27 tracks, including six never before heard songs From The Vault that were unreleased until now. 

Listen to ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’ here.

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Surfaces “Wave Of You”

We are loving the way alternative and pop come together in “Wave Of You” by Surfaces. This song has a laid back vibe about having a crush and figuring out how to navigate the situation.

The band’s aesthetic is beachy, friendly and colourful, which shines through in both their music and imagery. “Wave Of You” is one of many releases that follows this style, just check out their album covers!

Listen to “Wave Of You” here.

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Olivia Lunny “Sad To See You Happy”

“Sad To See You Happy” tells the classic story of coming to terms with a toxic relationship and big changes in her life. This track is the start of a new era for Olivia, as she reported on her Instagram on April 9th.

Listen to Sad To See You Happy” here.

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That’s all for this week. Head over to our Instagram and let us know in the comments which release you’re most excited to listen to. Also, don’t forget to check out our New, Fresh & Now playlist. See you next time!