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New Music Friday: Billie Eilish, blackbear, bülow and more!

Posted on June 04, 2021

Mercury has officially gone retrograde *sigh* of course it would…how have you been? This is your check in before you do something good for yourself! A.K.A. discovering new music to have you feeling your best and taking time to read about something you enjoy. This week’s releases are a 10/10, as are you, so be wowed by the works of renforshort, JESSIA and many more! We’re very excited for you to to see what we have lined up as it is truly stacked. Get comfortable, grab your ideal listening device and tune into this new wave.

blackbear “u love u (with Tate McRae)”

When combining two people who’ve been breakthrough talents over the past year, you know the song is going to be phenomenal! blackbear and Tate McRae joined forces to bring us “u love u” today, which has had us feeling all types of ways since it hit our ears.

This breakup song highlights the feelings of being in an unbalanced relationship. In lyrics that twist the traditional breakup formula, they are looking for the love they pour to also be given back. The song combines Tate McRae’s honey vocals with blackbear’s grunge-pop aesthetic for a powerful combination. This song will never be too much for us to not add it to all of our monthly playlists.

Listen to “u love u” here.

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Billie Eilish “Lost Cause”

Fun Fact: Billie Eilish self-directed the music video for “Lost Cause.”

In anticipation of her sophomore album, ‘Happier Than Ever,’ coming out July 30th, Billie Eilish dropped her second single, “Lost Cause,” this week! This follows up the first single, “Your Power,” and takes on a much funkier sound in addition to Eilish’s famous vocal styling. As we approach just under two months until ‘Happier Than Ever,’ that is the only thing we can feel! Sound off on our Instagram about which track you’re most excited to hear!


  1. Getting Older
  2. I Didn’t Change My Number
  3. Billie Bossa Nova
  4. my future
  5. Oxytocin
  7. Lost Cause
  8. Halley’s Comet
  9. Not My Responsibility
  10. OverHeated
  11. Everybody Dies
  12. Your Power
  13. NDA
  14. Therefore I Am
  15. Happier Than Ever
  16. Male Fantasy

Listen to “Lost Cause” here.

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bülow “Revolver”

bülow is back by popular demand with her newest single, “Revolver.” German born singer-songwriter bülow continues to set herself apart with her music, continuing to innovate on this lastest release. With unique lyrics accompanying her signature vocal styling, it is a matter of moments before bülow takes off to the moon. Prior to “Revolver,” bülow released “First Place,” which was more chill with similar inspirations but more of a band styling.

Listen to “Revolver” here.

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Belly “Zero Love ft. Moneybagg Yo”

Belly brought the fire this week with his extremely sensual, “Zero Love,” featuring the one and only Moneybagg Yo. The flow on this track is unreal; this duo lets everyone know what’s up. Reminding audiences of their immense talent, “Zero Love” follows up Belly’s other 2021 singles: “Money on the Table” and “IYKYK.”

Listen to “Zero Love” here.

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Zach Zoya “Feelings”

Zach Zoya dove real deep into his “Feelings” for this track, can you tell by the title? The song has an overflow of sensuality that shines through the lyricism. The Québec born rapper/singer/songwriter expands upon his versatile R&B style and as his first single of 2021, it’s coming in HOT! This single follows up Zoya’s debut EP, ‘Spectrum,’ which was released in 2020.

“Melodic R&B is really the music I fell in love with first. Love, attraction and lust are such core feelings, core emotions. They appeal to our most primal instincts and everyone can relate to them.Even if it’s in another language, you get the tone, the intention. Some things are just basic to human communication. Being whispery, being close, these things are just universal.” – Zach Zoya

Listen to “Feelings” here.

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Lil Baby & Lil Durk ‘The Voices of the Heroes’ Collaborative Mixtape

Prepare for trouble and make that double! Lil Baby & Lil Durk dropped their collaborative mixtape, ‘The Voices of the Heroes,’ and we must say they delivered on the title. As the heroes they are, in true fashion, they delivered an hour-long album with 18 tracks! The album includes the two legends on each track, as well as featuring other phenomenal artists such as Travis Scott and Young Thug. Seriously, check them out, they’re gonna dethrone Harley Quinn as our hero bias…


  1. Voices of the Heroes
  2. 2040
  3. Hats Off (feat. Travis Scott)
  4. Who I Want
  5. Still Hood
  6. Man of my Word
  7. Still Runni (feat. Meek Mill)
  8. Medical
  9. How It Feels
  10. Lying
  11. Okay
  12. That’s Facts
  13. Please
  14. Up The Side (feat. Young Thug)
  15. If You Want To
  16. Rich Off Pain (feat. Rod Wave)
  17. Make It Out
  18. Bruised Up

Listen to ‘The Voices of the Heroes’ here.

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JESSIA “I Should Quit”

Since the release of “Pretty Enough,” JESSIA has been on a roll to which she continues with “I Should Quit.” A star in the making, this song puts the rock in her roll to solidify her status as a star of the future. The track addresses the reality of how hard it is to stop a habit due to different societal pressures. It’s always the want to know how it ends that ruins the journey it seems, and clearly, JESSIA agrees. The authenticity we know and love her for is once again on full display; we are thankful someone as talented and raw as JESSIA is behind the mic.

Listen to “I Should Quit” here.

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Eli Rose “L’orage” / “The Rain”

We are all sending Eli Rose a huge congratulations on the announcement of her pregnancy!

Yesterday, June 3rd, Eli Rose released her standalone single, “L’orage” / “The Rain”! Standalone? But that’s two titles? There is actually a French and English version of the track for whatever you desire! This upbeat track will have you bopping along and easing you through any tasks you may have. “L’orage” / “The Rain” has us missing concerts and festivals more than ever. It has been added to multiple playlists.

Listen to “L’orage” / “The Rain” here.

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renforshort ‘off saint dominique’ EP

Watch renforshort debut her “fall apart” performance for the #PlayAtHome series on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!

Hey renforshort, thank you for gifting us this masterpiece! The layers of the ‘off saint dominique’ EP are like that of a 7 layer dip minus 1 layer, with no two tracks being similar, but everything coming together seamlessly. What makes renforshort so unique is her ability to showcase a variety of emotions within a single piece. It is evident the amount of time and effort ren puts into all of her projects, as everything is perfected with its own unique twist. We are so excited to see more of the ‘off saint dominique’ era!

“Sonically there’s inspiration everywhere from hyperpop, to grunge to even almost Disney vibes. But it fits together pretty well.” – renforshort


  1. wannabe
  2. virtual reality
  3. lust to love
  4. fall apart feat. glaive
  5. exception
  6. this is just a story

Listen to ‘off saint dominique’ here.

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Remi Wolf “Liz”

Check out Remi Wolf on the cover of The Guardian Guide’s summer issue, out now!

Pop phenomenon Remi Wolf has released her cult classic track, “Liz.” The brilliant pop track shows off Wolf’s immense vocal talent a top a lively beat. With humour and authenticity, “Liz” is Remi Wolf’s pure artistry pouring through. This follows up her previous album, ‘We Love Dogs!,’ which was released just shy of a month ago. Once you’ve checked out “Liz,” we know you’re going to thank us for that information 😉

“I wanted to share “Liz” as a gift to my little Remjobs who have been with me since the beginning and have been asking for this song everyday over the last few years. I’ve been performing “Liz” on tour for forever and to finally have a studio version I’m proud of and can share with my OG babies feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. This record shows a different side of my work…I felt so happy and free creating this song and I hope it makes whoever is listening feel the same.” – Remi Wolf

If you’re a fan of “Valerie” by the one and only Amy Winehouse, you are guaranteed to love “Liz”! Ever since the first listen of “Liz,” it has given us these immaculate vibes and we just had to share!

Listen to “Liz” here.

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Surfaces “So Far Away”

Surfaces made their return today with the third single of their 2021 era, “So Far Away.” Although based out of Texas, they feel closer than ever when we turn this song up in our headphones. The surfaces brand of lo-fi pop makes us want to let our hair down in a convertible. The Texas-based duo released “Wave of You” and “Next Thing (Loverboy)” as previous singles and when paired with “So Far Away,” you have a great listening experience and the need to tan (or apply bronzer, love you Jwoww)!

We also want to highlight that the cover art of this era is some of the coolest we’ve seen! The window concept with their colour choices are a 10/10 and perfect for the duos aesthetic. Check them all out!

Listen to “So Far Away” here.

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I’m not like most outros, I’m a cool outro. This Friday, all of us are boogie-ing it up to “Revolver” as bülow once again delivered the juice. Until next time, keep up to date with us on our Instagram and Twitter! Comment your favourite release, seriously, leave us a comment, it’d be nice for people to communicate during mercury retrograde. See? Only mentioned astrology in the beginning and end, now that’s a cool outro.