Mothership (4LP)Led Zeppelin

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Format: Vinyl LP

Led Zeppelin redefined rock in the Seventies and for all time. They were as influential in that decade as the Beatles were in the prior one. Their impact extends to classic and alternative rockers alike. Then and now, Led Zeppelin looms larger than life on the rock landscape as a band for the ages with an almost mystical power to evoke primal passions. Produced by Page and mixed by Kevin Shirley, MOTHERSHIP's 24 monolithic tracks were selected and sequenced by the band, who also oversaw the painstaking remastering. This compilation will be available on vinyl. Spanning their epic career, the unprecedented collection pulls immortal songs from all eight of the band s classic studio albums, one of the 20th century's most enduring bodies of musical work.
1Good Times Bad Times
2Communication Breakdown
3Dazed and Confused
4Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
5Whole Lotta Love
6Ramble On
8Immigrant Song
1Since I've Been Loving You
2Rock and Roll
3Black Dog
4When the Levee Breaks
5Stairway to Heaven
6The Song Remains the Same
1Over the Hills and Far Away
2D'yer Mak'er
3No Quarter
4Trampled Under Foot
5Houses of the Holy
1Nobody's Fault but Mine
2Achilles Last Stand
3In The Evening
4All My Love