Night Visions (Live)Imagine Dragons

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Format: CD with DVD

1Radioactive (Live At Red Rocks)
2Hear Me (Live At Red Rocks)
3On Top Of The World (Live At Red Rocks)
4Round And Round (Live At Red Rocks)
5Amsterdam (Live At Red Rocks)
6Tiptoe (Live At Red Rocks)
7Cha-Ching (Till We Grow Older) (Live At Red Rocks)
8Rocks (Live At Red Rocks)
9Demons (Live At Red Rocks)
10Underdog (Live At Red Rocks)
11It's Time (Live At Red Rocks)
12It's Time (Live London Sessions Acoustic)
13Radioactive (Live London Sessions Acoustic)
14Demons (Live London Sessions Acoustic)
2In The Studio Pt. 1 / Alex Da Kid
3"Radioactive" (Live)
4Las Vegas / Beginning Days
5In The Studio Pt. 2
6"Demons" (Live)
7In The Studio Pt. 3
8"Hear Me" (Live)
9In The Studio Pt. 4 / Album Planning
10In The Studio Pt. 5 / "Every Night" / Reflection
11In The Studio Pt. 6 / "On Top Of The World" (Live)
12End Credits