What A Time To Be AliveDrake, Future

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Format: Vinyl LP

  1. Digital Dash (prod. Metro Boomin + Southside)
  2. Big Rings (prod. Metro Boomin)
  3. Live From The Gutter (prod. Boi-1da + Metro Boomin)
  4. Diamonds Dancing (prod. Metro Boomin, Allen Ritter + Frank Dukes)
  5. Scholarships (prod. Metro Boomin)
  6. Plastic Bag (prod. Neenyo)
  7. I'm the Plug (prod. Southside)
  8. Change Locations (prod. Detail)
  9. Jumpman (prod. Metro Boomin)
  10. Jersey (prod. Metro Boomin + Southside)
  11. 30 For 30 Freestyle (prod. Noah "40" Shebib)