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Posted on July 13, 2018

Which Song Off Of Drake’s Album ‘Scorpion’ Are You?

There’s a Drake song for everyone

The internet has been buzzing non-stop about Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’. From inspiring a dance challenge to being completely upfront about the situation with his son, the 6God has really outdone himself this time. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is either listening to this album or talking about it. Or both. But which song off the record best describes you and your life? Take the quiz to find out.

  • Pick a colour:

    • red
    • black
    • blue
    • green
  • At a party, you can be found:

    • chatting with everyone
    • crying in the corner
    • dancing, obviously
    • looking for a dog
  • Your friends would describe you as:

    • the life of the party
    • the drama queen
    • the funny one
    • the quiet one
  • Pick a travel destination

    • Los Angeles
    • Paris
    • Tokyo
    • Toronto
  • What's your favourite Drake name?

    • Drizzy
    • 6 God
    • Champagne Papi
    • Aubrey Graham
  • Who was your favourite collaborator/feature on 'Scorpion'?

    • Michael Jackson
    • Jay Z
    • Ty Dolla $ign
    • Static Major
  • Pick a Netflix series to binge watch:

    • Stranger Things
    • Luke Cage
    • Sense 8
    • Black Mirror
  • What's your favourite Drake song off a different album?

    • "One Dance"
    • "Passionfruit"
    • "Hotline Bling"
    • "Hold On, We're Going Home"
  • When talking to a crush, you try to be:

    • confident
    • honest
    • funny
    • a good listener
  • Pick a sport:

    • football
    • soccer
    • baseball
    • basketball

You got: "Don't Matter To Me"

You got: "That's How You Feel"

You got: "In My Feelings"

You got: "March 14"