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Posted on September 12, 2018

Which member of Greta Van Fleet is your soulmate?

We are absolutely loving these Michigan rockers and we know you are too! Jake, Josh, Sammy, and Danny, the talented young men that make up Greta Van Fleet, are absolutely swoon-worthy – and with their forthcoming album Anthem of the Peaceful Army just a few weeks away, we have so much more music to look forward to. 

The question remains though, which member of Greta Van Fleet is your soulmate? Have a listen to their latest single “Watching Over” and keep scrolling to reveal your destiny. 



  • If you could get any tattoo what would it be?

    • A cool portrait
    • A black & white rose
    • Song lyrics
    • A geometric design
  • What is your favourite Canadian food?

    • Maple Taffy
    • Poutine
    • BeaverTails
    • Butter Tarts
  • Which US state would you most like to visit?

    • Texas
    • Alaska
    • California
    • New York
  • What is your favourite Greta Van Fleet song?

    • Highway Tune
    • When the Curtain Falls
    • Safari Song
    • Edge of Darkness
  • What is your style?

    • Grunge
    • Preppy
    • Casual
    • Athletic
  • What is your favourite Netflix show?

    • Stranger Things
    • Riverdale
    • 13 Reasons Why
    • Orange Is The New Black
  • What do you usually drink in the morning?

    • Coffee! I need something to wake me up
    • Tea. Soothing but with a bit of caffeine
    • Orange juice, gotta get my vitamin C
    • Milk, it's good for your teeth and bones
  • How would your friends describe you?

    • Playful & Quirky
    • Intelligent & Hardworking
    • Sociable & Friendly
    • Quiet & Attentive
  • Totally objectively, which cheese is the best cheese?

    • Parmesan
    • Cheddar
    • Brie
    • Mozzarella
  • What is your favourite sport?

    • Football
    • Hockey
    • Soccer
    • Golf

Your soulmate in Greta Van Fleet is Jake! You're mysterious, a lantern in the night, searching for love, searching for light.

Your soulmate in Greta Van Fleet is Josh! You're a free spirit, a sparrow of the dawn waiting on the next adventure.

Your soulmate in Greta Van Fleet is Sammy! You're a happy hippie, with flower power running through your veins.

Your soulmate in Greta Van Fleet is Danny! You're an adventure seeker, living on the edge of darkness, never knowing whats next.