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Posted on November 08, 2018

This Song Is About To Be The Soundtrack To Your Holiday Season

Time to get festive!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we’re already behind on our shopping. One thing we are definitely not behind on though, is getting all our favourite holiday albums out. Ok, so maybe that’s because we still haven’t put them away from last year and we listen to them all year round. Don’t judge. 

There’s no denying that listening to holiday music gets everyone in a festive mood. 

There are so many classic holiday songs to choose from, we always have a hard time deciding which one to play on repeat until our friends and neighbours beg us to turn it off. Lucky for you we know EXACTLY what song is going to dominate your holiday playlist. Just answer the 10 following questions and let all your friends know that your holiday spirit is the most spirit-y. 



  • What's your favourite thing about the holidays?

    • Presents!
    • Spending time with friends and family
    • Getting a break from work/school
    • All the pretty lights
  • How many pets do you have?

    • None
    • Two
    • Three or more
    • One
  • What do you want to get as a gift this holiday season?

    • New clothes
    • Concert tickets
    • Cash
    • A camera
  • What's your go-to McDonalds order?

    • A Big Mac
    • Chicken Nuggets
    • A Cheeseburger
    • All the fries
  • Your family wants to go away for the holidays and you get to choose where. What's your pick?

    • New York City - Christmas in NYC is a dream.
    • Cancun, Mexico - Get me out of this cold weather!
    • Aspen, Colorado - I want to spend a week carving up the slopes
    • Sydney, Australia - Christmas in summer sounds SO COOL.
  • Choose a colour

    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Orange
  • How would your friends describe you?

    • Dramatic
    • Funny
    • Creative
    • Reliable
  • What's your favourite holiday-themed drink?

    • Peppermint Latte
    • Eggnog
    • Apple Cider
    • Mulled Wine
  • Which celeb would you love to hang out with?

    • Ariana Grande
    • Post Malone
    • Niall Horan
    • Halsey
  • What's your favourite holiday movie?

    • Home Alone
    • Elf
    • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    • Love Actually

Your holiday soundtrack song is "Santa Baby" by Gwen Stefani

Your holiday soundtrack song is "Drummer Boy" by Justin Bieber

Your holiday soundtrack song is "Let It Snow" by Serena Ryder

Your holiday soundtrack song is "Last Christmas" by Carly Rae Jepsen