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Posted on October 11, 2018

What Should Be Your Go-To Karaoke Song?

Nothing more fun that a bit of karaoke 

With winter weather heading our way soon, we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors than we have been lately. That means we’ll have to find some fun indoor activities to fill our time. And what could be a better activity than karaoke with your best pals. Sure, it’s all fun and games, but we admit to buying a karaoke machine and we’ve been practicing our high notes. 

But as fun as karaoke is, it’s always so hard to choose which sing you’re going to sing. Thankfully, we’ve created this quiz to help you decide. 



  • What is your favourite rainy-day activity?

    • Watching an old favourite movie
    • Reading a good book
    • Doing some crafts
    • Baking cookies
  • What house would you be in at Hogwarts?

    • Slytherin
    • Hufflepuff
    • Ravenclaw
    • Gryffindor
  • You fell asleep at 4 am last night, what's the reason?

    • I got sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole
    • I procrastinated and had to stay up finishing a project
    • I tried to go to bed early but couldn't sleep
    • I was out with my friends
  • What's your favourite fast food restaurant?

    • Wendy's
    • Taco Bell
    • Subway
    • McDonalds
  • Which US city would you like to visit?

    • New York City
    • Los Angeles
    • Chicago
    • Miami
  • How do you like your coffee?

    • With milk and sugar
    • I prefer tea
    • Black
    • Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Which Kardashian do you identify with most?

    • Kim
    • Kris
    • Kourtney
    • Rob
  • Pick a classic Disney movie

    • Beauty and the Beast
    • Aladdin
    • The Little Mermaid
    • The Lion King
  • What's the best food-related reality show?

    • MasterChef
    • Cake Boss
    • Great British Bake Off
    • Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives
  • How many siblings do you have?

    • 1
    • 2-3
    • 4 or more
    • None, I'm an only child.

You'll be singing "Only Girl In The World" by Rihanna.

You'll be singing "Treat You Better" by Shawn Mendes.

You'll be singing "No Tears Left To Cry" by Ariana Grande.

You'll be singing "Love Yourself" by Justin Bieber.