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Posted on June 20, 2018

Which NEW CITY Member Is Your Soulmate?

Is it Adrian, Jed, Nathan, or are you compatible with all three?

Are you as obsessed with NEW CITY as we are? Their single “Getting Closer” has been stuck in our heads forever. Not only are they winning us over with their music, the Toronto trio just so happen to be total heartthrobs. So, which band member is your soulmate? Are you one of the lucky few that’s compatible with all three? Take the quiz below to find out!

  • What quality do you most look for in a partner?

    • Sensitivity
    • Sense of humour
    • Sense of style
    • Artistic
  • Your friends would describe you as:

    • A natural leader
    • Quirky
    • Laid-back
    • The life of the party
  • You'd describe your sense of style as:

    • Trendy
    • A little 'out there'
    • Old-school-cool
    • Mixed
  • In your spare time, you like to:

    • Stay active
    • Make art
    • Go on adventures
    • Listen to some music
  • Pick a colour:

    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Blue
  • Do you like tattoos?

    • I like a sleeve or two
    • As many as possible
    • No thanks
    • Doesn't matter to me
  • Pick a New City song:

    • "Coachella"
    • "Dirty Secrets"
    • "Getting Closer"
    • I can only pick ONE?
  • If you could live in a big city, you'd pick:

    • Los Angeles
    • Tokyo
    • New York
    • Toronto
  • When it comes to romantic gestures, you prefer:

    • Being serenaded
    • Spontaneity
    • Classic chocolate and flowers
    • A social media shout-out
  • Your ideal adventure involves:

    • Camping
    • A music festival
    • A lot of traveling
    • A road trip with friends

You got: Adrian Mitchell!

You got: Jed Webster!

You got: Nathan Brown!

You got: you're compatible with all three members!