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Posted on September 06, 2018

Quiz Time! Find Out Who Your Homeroom BFF Is

This would make school SO much better

Who you sit beside in class can make it infinitely better… or worse. So if you were sitting beside your absolutely favourite celeb, then those early mornings would be totally tolerable, right? 

But just who is it that you would be sitting beside. Maybe Shawn Mendes? Or what about Ariana Grande? Lucky for you, we’ve done all of the leg work to figure it out – all you have to do is take this quiz.


  • What's your favourite subject?

    • English
    • Art
    • Science
    • Math
  • On Monday morning before school you feel

    • Pensive
    • Excited
    • Sleepy
    • Annoyed
  • You're the type of person who...

    • Finishes all your homework at lunch
    • Finishes all your homework as soon as you get home
    • Doesn't finish your homework
    • Finishes all your homework in the class before it's due
  • Your style can be described as...

    • Classic
    • Chic
    • Boho
    • Random
  • What do you always keep in your locker?

    • Your guitar (or the other instrument you play)
    • A mirror
    • A notepad to doodle in
    • Your journal
  • Choose a colour

    • Blue
    • Purple
    • Pink
    • Green
  • Your friends would describe you as...

    • Genuine
    • Happy-go-lucky
    • Hilarious
    • Carefree
  • Gym class is...

    • Your fave
    • Fine if you get paired with your friends
    • A joke
  • How organised are you?

    • Pretty organised
    • Completely. Everything is colour coded
    • Lol, not at all
    • I try to be
  • If you're caught on your phone in class, it's because...

    • You were on YouTube
    • You were texting your friends
    • You were looking at memes
    • You were taking silly selfies to send your BFFs

Shawn Mendes

Ariana Grande

Post Malone

Billie Eilish