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Posted on August 13, 2018

Which Member Of The Beaches Is Destined To Be Your BFF?

Let’s find out, shall we? 

Formed in the 00s, Born in the 90s, inspired by the 70’s, The Beaches are the perfect mix of everything you could ever want in a rock band. From their unique sense of fashion to their hilarious jokes – they’re the type of people you can’t help but want to be pals with.


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But which member are you destined to be BFFs with?! Singer and bassist Jordan Miller, guitarist Kylie Miller, guitarist and keyboardist Leandra Earl or drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel? Lucky for you, we’ve got it all figured out–all you have to do is take this quiz. So let’s get to it!


  • What is your ideal Friday night with your BFF?

    • Netflix & snacks
    • The iconic dive bar down the street
    • Heading to the movies to watch the newest romcom
    • Who knows - it's different every time
  • What's your quirky fashion fave?

    • Statement sunnies
    • The more patterns the merrier
    • Cropped baby tee
    • Oversized tee
  • Your friends describe you as the _____ one of the group.

    • Chill
    • Outgoing
    • Responsible
    • Social
  • What's your must-have snack?

    • Chocolate
    • Chips
    • Pizza
    • Ice Cream
  • What's your favourite season?

    • Summer
    • Autumn
    • Spring
    • Winter
  • If you could play any of these instruments which would you play?

    • Drums
    • Bass
    • Guitar
    • Keyboard
  • Your go-to lipstick colour is...

    • Red
    • Plum
    • Pink
    • Nude
  • If you could get on a plane going anywhere right now, you'd go to...

    • New York
    • Amsterdam
    • California
    • Berlin
  • Your friend is most likely to compliment you on...

    • Confidence
    • Creativity
    • Helpfulness
    • Sense of humour
  • The app your most likely to be found scrolling through is...

    • A horoscope app
    • Tinder
    • Your fave online shopping app
    • Instagram

You're destined to be BFFs with: Eliza!

You're destined to be BFFs with: Jordan!

You're destined to be BFFs with: Kylie!

You're destined to be BFFs with: Leandra!