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28 September 2018 (Toronto, ON) – Today, AURORA releases her new body of work “Infections of a Different Kind (Step I)” (LISTEN HERE) out now on Glassnote Records/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.


AURORA says, "Step I is about the first battle you have to make with yourself. About emotional humans and introverts and building them up so they can rule the world. But first you have to be infected by the fruits of “infections of a different kind”.  A way to get a different kind of view.  Realize that most problems aren’t that big.  And that we are all just people. Humans.  Nothing more, Nothing less."


Infections of a Different Kind (Step I) – Tracklisting:

  1. Queendom
  2. Forgotten Love
  3. Gentle Earthquakes
  4. All Is Soft Inside
  5. It Happened Quiet
  6. Churchyard
  7. Soft Universe
  8. Infections Of A Different Kind


AURORA has quickly made a name for herself as the artist to watch in 2018.  Earlier this summer, the singer released “Queendom” which The New Times called “a dance floor declaration of female empowerment.” Following her debut album in 2016 she garnered critical acclaim from The New York Times, NPR, PASTE Magazine, Pigeons and Planes and more. To date AURORA’s debut album, All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend as well as her Running With the Wolves EP have received over 500 million streams globally.


Praise of AURORA:


“…singer with a lilting voice and a melodic pop sensibility is certainly someone I look forward to hearing more of in the coming year.” – Bob Boilen, NPR 
“…her so-called “dark pop” was explosive, and Aksnes has an x-factor that one can’t quite look away from. We undoubtedly haven’t heard the last of Aurora.” – PASTE Magazine
“Aurora is going to be your next obsession” – Teen Vogue


"Optimism radiates from “Queendom,” a dance-floor declaration of female empowerment from the Norwegian songwriter Aurora." - The New York Times


“Oh, y'all wanted a queen, huh? Well, here's your new one: AURORA, who invites you into her ethereal world of self-empowerment and imagination with ‘QUEENDOM.’” – Nylon


"Queendom," which the singer performed at Coachella last weekend, is a stadium-filling empowerment anthem imagining the world as a matriarchy! - Paper


“The track is more outward looking and worldly — a call of arms for women’s and LGBTQ rights. It’s also incredibly catchy electro-pop song. The production is suitably vast and icy, and there’s an instantly catchy chorus that worms its way into your head from the first listen.” – Idolator



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