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16 JULY 2021 (TORONTO, ON) – EMI Nashville/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company's Brandon Lay releases brand new song “Broke” today.  Penned by Lay with legendary songwriter and Country Music Hall of Famer Dean Dillon, “Broke” welds Lay’s gravel-road vocal to a smooth-driving power ballad, comparing a relationship on the rocks to broken-down car – and imagining Lay as the mechanic who can fix it.


Listen to “Broke” HERE


With a wide-open country-rock sound and passion, “Broke” is the first song from a new batch of vintage-inspired country rock from the hard-to-tame son of a Tennessee preacher, but it also marks a shift for this gifted singer-songwriter. With the forced recalibration of a global pandemic, Lay found perspective. “I’m just a country boy that likes to rock ‘n roll,” he shares.


Lay quickly enlisted Jonathan Singleton as his producer. Singleton, the two having met while Lay was opening for Kenny Chesney’s Trip Around the Sun Tour, knows what Lay brings to a live show and recognized that that was what needed to be captured on his records. Lay had already been looking to bridge that gap between studio and live performance, and Singleton’s insight sealed the partnership.


Lay will roll out eight fresh songs as 2021 becomes 2022, produced by Singleton and hardwired to the fundamentals of Lay’s live show – part rock ‘n’ roll heat and part country heart.



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Photo Credit: David Bradley