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14 APRIL 2023 (TORONTO, ON) — Renowned pianist and composer Chad Lawson has released his cover of Harry Styles’ ballad “Matilda,” lending his soothing piano to a gentle rework of the song. Accompanying the track's release is an intimate music video that captures the quiet elegance of Lawson's cover. Listen to Lawson’s take on Styles’ track HERE and watch the music video HERE.


One of today’s most prolific composers, Lawson delivers a thoughtful, nuanced interpretation of the song, originally from Styles’ GRAMMY-winning album Harry’s House. Says Chad of his “Matilda” cover, The first time I heard Harry Styles' ‘Matilda,’ I was captivated by its emotional depth. It's a song that really captures the struggle we all face when we're trying to figure out where we fit in the world. We're all searching for something personal and relatable, something that speaks to our own experiences. And for me, ‘Matilda’ does exactly that. It's an incredible anthem that captures all the rawness and vulnerability of trying to find our place in the world.”


It’s not the first time Lawson has brought his signature emotive sound to one of the year’s most acclaimed pop songs. In 2021, Lawson released a mesmerizing cover of Billie Eilish’s hit “when the party’s over,” to the delight of fans of both artists (watch the performance video HERE).


In addition to his “Matilda” cover, Lawson recently released his drift EP (listen HERE) on World Sleep Day 2023, aiming to lull listeners into a blissful sleep. Designed to gradually slow your heart rate as you listen from beginning to end, each song on the five-track EP slows by exactly 10 beats per minute – with the first song starting at 80 BPM and ending at an ideal 40 BPM as you gently drift to sleep. In addition to drift, Lawson also joined multi-dimensional pianist Gina Alice on a piano duet version of Chad’s composition “Of Twilight Skies.” Watch the spellbinding official music video for their duet HERE.


Chad Lawson’s 2022 album breathe marked the next chapter in a career that’s consistently found the official Steinway artist at the top of the Classical Billboard charts and signing major sync deals for Chevrolet, IBM, Microsoft, and Delta Airlines commercials. Lawson also created Calm It Down, a podcast to help listeners recharge and recenter through the power of music, which now has upwards of three million downloads. He recently concluded tour dates in North America as a member of Chad Lawson Trio with violinist Judy Kang and cellist Seth Parker Woods.


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