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13 JANUARY 2023 (TORONTO, ON) – Cian Ducrot opens the year 2023 with a half French - half English version of his smash hit, « All For You (Moi qui t’aimais tellement) » !


« All For You », released in 2022, explores topics such as love and heartbreak in a powerful way. Crowned as one of the « artists to watch in 2022 » by Amazon Music, Cian had first teased the track on TikTok. While the song was not released yet, Jimmy Fallon and pop-rock star Joe Jonas improvised their own lyrics to the track on The Tonight Show, whose audience exceeds a million viewers. « All For You » is his biggest hit to date (126 million streams worldwide, top 10 single in Ireland, #20 in the UK with 22 weeks on the charts). He received so much support on the track that he later released a new version with Ella Henderson!


In May 2022, he met his French audience as part of the Oberkampf Music Festival in Paris. He also busked in front of the Eiffel Tower performing his hit « All For You », he received a natural and spontaneous reaction from the French who were very receptive until the rain came. He will play a sold out show at Supersonic Paris on March 6th 2023.


Cian Ducrot, born to a French mother and an Irish father, takes a nomadic approach to pop music by living in London and recording over the world. The 25-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, and classically trained multi-instrumentalist (piano, flute, drums, guitar, etc.) records everywhere he goes with his guitar and his laptop. Following his success, Cian Ducrot opened for the American duet LANY, as well as Gracie Abrams, and Ella Henderson.


Beyond his talent for music, Cian Ducrot has an incredible personality that makes him very endearing and allows his audience to relate to him. Through his sarcastic millennial/Gen-Z humour, Cian has built a solid community of fans on social media and especially on TikTok where he currently has 2 million followers for 48.2 million likes. He also has 305k followers on Instagram, 88.7k on YouTube and nearly 131.5k on Spotify.


Ready to conquer the world, Cian Ducrot starts with France by unveiling the French-English version of his hit « All For You (Moi qui t’aimais tellement) », a track he will perform on March 6, 2023 on the stage of the Supersonic in Paris!