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“They are still the first ladies of Quality Control and the first girl duo to make substantial noise since Salt N’ Pepa. Probably the most impactful duo since OutKast, UGK, CNN or Mobb Deep changed how we even saw Hip-Hop twofrs. #YupWeSaidIt” – THE SOURCE


“They rap ferociously in pursuit of victory, dismissing cash-poor suitors and unworthy foes.” -THE NEW YORKER


 “Raunchy, in-your-face songs for the independent women of the world.”- XXL


JT and Yung Miami have been carving a path in the male-dominated hip-hop realm with hard-hitting tracks.” – COMPLEX


27 NOVEMBER 2019 (TORONTO, ON) - The wait is over! Today Yung Miami and JT – together known as City Girls – release their first single together since JT was freed from prison: “You Tried It”.


Listen to "You Tried It" HERE


The internet exploded when JT got out on October 8, 2019, with City Girls holding eight of the top 25 trending topics on twitter -  not just trending but trending under eight different topics! (#2 JT FREE; #6 JT HOME; #11 JT IS FREE; #15 JT IS HOME; #16 Caresha; #19 Yung Miami; #20 JT OUT; #23 SO JT).


Even with JT incarcerated, the girls have racked up 1.2 BILLION streams within two years, with City Girls’ hit records “Act Up” and “Twerk (feat Cardi B)” both RIAA Certified platinum.


Separated after JT turned herself in for credit card fraud charges in July, 2018, the same day Drake’s “In My Feelings (featuring City Girls)” was released, Yung Miami has been holding it down: touring, performing, recording videos and features as City Girls.


But last month JT was not only released, but Yung Miami pushed out her bundle of joy, Summer. Both got new chains: JT a ‘City Girls’ chain from Miami; Yung Miami a small fries chain celebrating her new small fry – and favorite food – from McDonalds


 “YOU B**CHES IN TROUBLE!! MY B**CH [IS] HOME!” Yung Miami tweeted, announcing JT’s freedom. And on her first day out, City Girls released the record “First Day Out,” with JT citing “Stop with all the rumors, and tell your nigga I'm home / And it's on / Period.”


JT and Young Miami are uncensored, unapologetic, sharing a commitment to their hood roots and a bold insistence that the culture they come from shouldn’t stop them from getting a piece of the cash pie. One of the most provocative female hip-hop duos in years, JT and Yung Miami are trailblazers of the next generation of female who speak out as raw and confident -- and with as much swagger as the boys.


As Refinery29 states: “This emerging group taps into the same enterprising spirit applauded in male rappers when they wax poetic about selling drugs or pimping to escape bleak financial circumstance. This female version is just as inspiring. The male gaze only succeeds in objectifying women when the sole outcome considered is male gratification. City Girls set the terms of engagement for a payday they've orchestrated.”



Kevin “Coach K” Lee and Pierre "PThomas of the renowned Quality Control Music label discovered the girls and took their first song "Fu*k Dat N****" from a regional hit to a national smash when it appeared on the seminal Quality Control Presents: Control The Streets Vol 1 compilation. Quality Control Music released City Girls’ heart-wrenching documentary “Point Blank Period”.


“A synthesis of perspective reminiscent of Run-DMC and Salt-N-Pepa" - PITCHFORK


“(City Girls) rapping about being independent as fuck” – FADER


“CITY GIRLS are a rougher, modern-day version of TLC's “No Scrubs.” It's two proud, bodacious babes callin' it like it is.” – MIAMI NEW TIMES 


“Two women as co-pilots, shattering the boy’s club that had been assembled…In less than six months, they’ve managed to generate a following for their ability to be completely unfiltered in their penchant for men “who gon’ swipe them Visas.” - NOISEY


“Although the duo is brand new, they have already garnered attention with their previous single releases, having been described as a strong force of opposition against the “boy’s club” mentality prevalent in Hip Hop.” – HIPHOPDX