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30 APRIL 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - US composer and pianist Dustin O’Halloran presents a new single from his forthcoming debut Deutsche Grammophon album Silfur. The solo piano track "Opus 56" is out today.


Silfur is a collection of fifteen pieces that both refine and expand upon the composer’s concepts of time, past and present, perceived through music. It features new recordings of thirteen compositions from previous albums, including four new string arrangements. This retrospective selection is framed by two brand-new pieces, anchoring his work firmly in the present. Of the new compositions, ‘Opus 56’ is the opening track on the album.


Recorded by O’Halloran in Iceland in 2020, it acts as a thoughtful work of introspection, and a bridge linking the artist's repertoire from past to present.


“Sometimes we have to turn off, we have to try to get away from the constant distractions and noise to listen to ourselves, to tune into the music we have inside us,” says O’Halloran. “Working on this record was like rolling back time and getting back to a pure, uncompromised language and an understanding about where I came from.”


Silfur includes collaborations with fellow American composer and multi-instrumentalist Bryan Senti, Icelandic cellist Gyða Valtýsdóttir and the Siggi String Quartet. O’Halloran recorded the album with Berlin-based sound engineer Francesco Donadello and Icelandic musician Bergur Þórisson. Silfur will be released digitally as well as on CD and vinyl on June 11.


O’Halloran has reached new audiences with “some of the loveliest and most aching film music in recent memory” (Indiewire), gaining worldwide acclaim for his score for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. He won an Emmy for his theme music for the US show Transparent and an Oscar nomination for the soundtrack for Lion, written in collaboration with Volker Bertelmann. Their most recent film score, shortlisted for an Academy Award, is for Francis Lee’s Ammonite, which stars Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan and was released in the UK earlier this year.