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Debut of the top influencer in the classical world




DE L'AMOUR’ IS AVAILABLE for download today.

A digital pre-order of the album also starts.


15 APRIL 2022 (TORONTO, ON) – On April 29, 2022, flutist Cocomi will release her debut album "de l’amour."  And today, April 15, starts the advance download of ‘Estrellita’.


Pieces for the album "de l’amour" have been selected by Cocomi personally based on the concept of music that she loves and is close to her heart, which she would like to reintroduce to the world. The album includes ten classical masterpieces, including Massenet's ‘Méditation de Thaïs’,  Ponce's ‘Estrellita’,  Kreisler's ‘Liebesfreud’,  and Poulenc's ‘Les chemins de l’amour.’ And to perform these pieces, Cocomi collaborates with top-notch classical players who fell in love with her performances.


‘Estrellita’ now available for digital download, is a collaboration between Cocomi and two of the most sought-after players in classical music.  The cellist Haruma Sato, the first Japanese to win the cello category of the prestigious ARD International Music Competition in Munich, and a multi-talented pianist Miyuji Kaneko who dubbed the piano performance of the semi-leading role in the hit movie "Honeybees and Distant Thunder,” as well as hosting a radio program on NHK-FM "Recital Passio.”


Haruma Sato and Miyuji Kaneko commented on the collaboration as follows.


Haruma Sato:

Cocomi has an amazing sound of her own which is ingenious with a sense of melancholy. She is able to express this sound only because she sincerely focuses on the intrinsic nature of the music without being eccentric.

I am convinced that her brilliance as a flutist will convey the essence of classical music to a wide range of generations to come.


Miyuji Kaneko:

Cocomi was always sweet, cheerful, and charming in the recording studio. She was so sincere in her music, reading deeply into the composer's intentions and the background of the work to construe her approach.

With ‘Estrellita,’ meaning "a small star,” her flute truly shines like a star creating the soundscape that only Cocomi can, which we hope to share with as many people as possible!


Today sees the start of digital pre-orders for the album "de l'amour" and a Pre-Add /Pre-Save campaign launch.  10 winners who pre-added the album "de l'amour" on Apple Music or pre-saved the album on Spotify during the campaign period will receive the serial code for “limited edition special movie,” which includes Cocomi’s live performance, behind-the-scenes, interviews, and more.


The live performance featured in this special movie was filmed at TeamLab Planets TOKYO in Toyosu, a museum consisting of four massive exhibition spaces and two gardens where you walk through water and a garden and become one with the flowers. Don't miss your chance to experience this exclusive live performance in a magical atmosphere.


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※The content is the same as the bonus content of “limited edition special movie” for CD purchasers.  Apply the serial code you receive on the flyer enclosed in the first pressing of “de l’amour” (limited edition/standard edition) to watch the movie.

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Track Listing

  1. Ave Maria (S.Bach/Gounod) - Niu Niu (piano)
  2. Sicilienne (Fauré ) - MILOŠ (guitar)
  3. Estrellita (Ponce) - Haruma Sato (cello), Miyuji Kaneko (piano)
  4. Vocalise (Rachmaninoff) - Niu Niu (piano)
  5. Le Cygne (Saint-Saens) - MILOŠ (guitar), Yu Manabe Strings
  6. Liebesleid (Kreisler) - Alexander Gadjiev (piano)
  7. Liebesfreud (Kreisler) - Ray Chen (violin), Tomoharu Ushida (piano)
  8. Après un rêve (Fauré) - Alexander Gadjiev (piano)
  9. Les chemins de l’amour (Poulenc) - Haruma Sato (cello), Miyuji Kaneko (piano)
  10. Méditation de Thaïs (Massenet) - David Garrett (violin), Tomoharu Ushida (piano)


Cocomi (flute): Profile


Cocomi started on violin and piano at three and flute at eleven.

She has finished masterclasses with Vladimir Ashkenazy and Emmanuel Pahud.

She is the three-time winner of the Award for Excellence, one Grand Prize, and an Honorable Mention at the Yamano Junior Flute Competition.

In 2019, she was awarded the highest prize at the Nihon Sogaku Competition, the first prize in the wind instrument category, the French Modern Music Award.

Currently, Cocomi is taking College Diploma Course at Toho Gakuen College of Music. She also studies flute under Hiroaki Kanda, principal flutist of the NHK Symphony Orchestra.

In Jan. 2021, Cocomi made an appearance as a soloist for Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra's" New Year Concert 2021."

She also performed, the same year, at an annual "Oto Butai" concert (with no audience) held at Nishi Hongan Temple in Kyoto.



Co-starring artist: Profile


Miloš (guitar)

The numerous award-winning guitarist who has been praised by The New York Times as one of " One of the most exciting and communicative classical guitarists today."


David Garrett (violin)

Since becoming the youngest-ever artist to sign with the esteemed Deutsche Grammophon label at the age of 13, the violinist has broken multiple classical chart records worldwide.


Ray Chen (violin)

A young violin virtuoso who quickly rose to stardom after winning the Queen Elisabeth International Music Competition of Belgium in 2009.


Haruma Sato (cello)

An up-and-coming cellist who has quickly made a name for himself after becoming the first-ever Japanese to win the cello category of the prestigious ARD International Music Competition in Munich, known for "not awarding first prizes."


Alexander Gadjiev (piano)

An Italian-Slovenian pianist who has drawn the attention he rightfully deserves since winning second prize and the Krystian Zimerman Prize (for the Best Sonata Performance) at the 18th International Chopin Piano Competition in October 2021.


Tomoharu Ushida (piano)

With multiple wins at the 10th Hamamatsu International Piano Competition under his belt, including the second prize, the all-time highest rank for a Japanese, the mayor of Warsaw Award, and the Audience Award, Ushida continues to raise his profile by actively giving concerts all over Japan.


Miyuji Kaneko (piano)

A pianist with Hungarian roots who relocated to Hungary to pursue music at the mere age of six, Kaneko has since won numerous competitions, hosted radio programs, and continues to prove his versatility.


Niu Niu (piano)

Emerged as a child prodigy of China, Niu Niu has become a hot topic in Japan, dubbing the genius Chinese pianist Pang Wei's performance in the popular TV anime “Forest of Piano.”