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15 MAY, 2020 (TORONTO) - Having amassed almost 4M streams on Spotify in just four weeks from his two previous singles "Fracture" and "Whitby," acclaimed composer and producer for Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion and The Weeknd, Stephan Moccio shares his new stunning new track "Sea Change" out now via Decca Records/Universal Music Canada, the country’s leading music company.


Listen to "Sea Change" HERE


Delicate yet striking, "Sea Change" is the composer’s interpretation of resurging into a new, hopeful space. This idea is expressed through the recording of mostly improvised melodies crafted during his self-imposed seclusion in his studio.


As Stephan explains, “Sea Change explores the feeling of when times are dark, bleak, hopeless and you don’t know how you’ll ever get through, then there is a sudden shift and you experience a mysterious, profound transition and transformation and there’s now light and hope. The music captures the tension, suspense and uneasiness, only to arrive at that moment where things open up and an emerging light brings hope, relief and beauty to a new world.”


On this new music, Stephan returns to his roots in classical composition and back to the instrument he knows best, the piano. Having had incredible success on countless recordings by the world’s biggest artists, Stephan felt the need to take a step away and dedicate himself to his own music.


His classical upbringing and discipline combined with his pop-songwriting sensitivities allow him to create delicate and emotive vignettes showcasing his mastery of melody and arrangement.


Stephan creates music that moves audiences globally, music that is built on decades of experience and dedication to his craft. It is his ability to convey emotion without words that is so special: creating harmonic depth through provocative pianistic touch. This new solo piano music is romantic, organic, raw and honest, revealing a more sensual and vulnerable side of this multi-faceted artist.


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