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17 APRIL 2020 (TORONTO, ON) - Acclaimed composer and producer for Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, The Weeknd and Seal signs major deal with Decca Records.


Tom Lewis, Co-Managing Director at Decca Records, says, “Stephan is a master craftsman of melody. He has the most extraordinary musical intuition, and when he plays, he stops you in your tracks. He makes you stop, listen, feel and breathe a little easier. Like all craftsmen, he has honed his gift over many years. He is a remarkably engaging international talent, with outstanding work in all of his established roles of performer, arranger, composer, songwriter and producer.”


Stephan adds, “As a neoclassical and contemporary pianist, Decca is the premier record label equipped to understand the delicacy and balance between tradition and modernity. I am humbled to join this family and passionate team - it is a gift to be part of Decca's rich tapestry, history and evolving story.”


Stephan returns to his roots in classical composition and back to the instrument he knows best, the piano. But if truth be known, the piano has never been too far away. In fact, they are inseparable. Throughout his career, you can hear his performances on countless recordings by the world’s biggest artists. His classical upbringing and discipline combined with his pop-songwriting sensitivities gives him a unique edge in the piano music genre. It is why he has been recognised for his impeccable mastery of hand-crafted melody, arrangement, harmonic depth and a provocative pianistic touch.


Stephan’s new music explores some of life’s more profound themes: love, relationships and ageing. New single ‘Fracture’, released today, takes the listener through the “beautiful and dark sides of life”. A song that will bring beauty, subtlety and poignancy to the senses… intimate, elegant and a very emotive piece of music.


"Fracture, evokes a bittersweet quality - as in life, we eventually realize perfection is only achieved through imperfection. It is not until we heal ourselves that we are able to heal others.”

He has also recently launched a series of Isolation Sessions on Instagram – beautiful solo piano arrangements of his well-known songs performed live from his Santa Monica studio, bringing comfort and calm to many, all over the world. Watch here


Stephan creates music that moves you, music that is built on decades of experience and dedication to his craft and continues to win over audiences globally. It is his ability to convey emotion without words that is so special: creating melodies that course through his emotive and delicately wrought compositions. This new solo piano music is romantic, organic, raw and honest, revealing a more sensual and vulnerable side of this multi-faceted artist.


"I needed to recalibrate on many levels - musically, personally and mentally,” says Stephan. “Solitude and quiet, in a noisy world, are elements I have been craving for a long time. Naturally, it made sense to engage in an intimate conversation between myself and the instrument which has been faithful to me my entire life.  Strip it all down… one person, in one room, with one instrument.”


Stephan Moccio has the unique ability to mould music that is as compelling as it is human.