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INTRODUCING NEMAHSIS AND HER DEBUT SINGLE, “what if i took it off for you?”


23 JUNE 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - Introducing the Canadian singer/songwriter Nemahsis and her soaring debut single "what if i took it off for you?" released today via 11 Acres/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company.


Nemahsis is a fresh talent who grew up on a farm outside of Toronto. Prior to entering the world of music she had been a Grade A business student and worked for a cosmetics giant. The quiet storm of her vocals has already found a massive audience across socials (including TikTok where she has over 300k followers). 


Laid over simplistic keys,  "what if i took it off for you?" sees Nemahsis sing from a place of deep sincerity, from the heart, soul and gut. The beautifully spare, haunting acoustic-soul ballad scorches from a place of deeply personal resonance. In the mesmerising video, shot by THE REST (Slowthai, Kojey Radical), Nemahsis sings into a cracked shard of glass, a reflection of the world around her. The camera pans out and we see her sitting in a room full of flowers. Blossoming is possible for everybody.


"what if i took it off for you?" details Nemahsis’ experience of shooting  a major campaign for a multimillion dollar corporation and being offered no recompense for it. The brand’s justification, in their exact words, "it's a good look for your community". Nemahsis stood up for what she knew to be right and flatly refused for them to use her image, and in her exact words, ones that will come to define so much of what she does as an artist, “I’m not going to be anybody’s token Hijabi girl.”


Despite Nemah's refusal the brand went ahead and used the images anyway, this undeniable act of exploitation set in motion a chain of events that brings us here, "what if I took it off for you?" is the first song she ever wrote and fittingly is the first to be released. 


Speaking of this time, Nemahsis said -


“I felt like such an idiot. I was supposed to be strong and independent. I was too proud to admit what had happened. But I will not be anybody’s victim."


Nemahsis has always had a deep connection to music. It is a place to share secrets, question identity and learning to be the best version of yourself through song. ‘what if i took it off for you?’ marks the perfect introductory single to a major new talent.




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