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“Mellencamp is a poet of ennui, making him an apt mouthpiece for our moment.”

- The New Yorker


“Mellencamp is absolutely uncompromising and unyielding as an artist.”

- Forbes

"Longtime fans of Mellencamp will find much to like on this new offering from the artist. Time spent listening will certainly not be wasted time."

- Associated Press


21 JANUARY 2022 (TORONTO, ON)John Mellencamp’s new album Strictly A One-Eyed Jack is out now on Republic Records/Universal Music Canada, the country's leading music company. Stream and purchase it HERE and listen to the new album single “Did You Say Such A ThingHERE.


The album—written and produced by Mellencamp himself at his own Belmont Mall Studios in Bloomington, Indiana—features three collaborations with Bruce Springsteen including the first album single “Wasted Days.”


Critical acclaim for “Wasted Days”:


 “carries an implicit message about making the most of the years, months and minutes we’ve got left”

- NPR Music


“The duo sing and strum along to reflective lyrics about the passage of time, which would feel just as relevant at a cornfield bonfire as on the Metro-North.”

- Vulture


“Two of the nation’s most beloved chroniclers…sounds like a pair of old friends sitting around a fire.”

- Billboard


“The singers alternate lines detailing just how precious time can truly be.”

- People


John Mellencamp - Strictly A One-Eyed Jack:

1. Always Lie To Strangers
2. Driving In The Rain
3. I Am A Man That Worries
4. Streets Of Galilee
5. Sweet Honey Brown
6. Did You Say Such A Thing
7. Gone So Soon
8. Wasted Days
9. Simply A One-Eyed Jack
10. Chasing Rainbows
11. Lie To Me
12. A Life Full Of Rain