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“The hedonism might be raging around him but Nash remains centered, a romantic figure lost in his thoughts and the vapors of a woozy melody.” - The FADER


“West London based but with a sound that transcends location and era, Jordan Nash has introduced himself with an embrace of individuality” - The Line Of Best Fit


“His smorgasbord of inspiration includes everyone from Young Thug to Beethoven and Elton John – though Nash’s dream-pop sound is firmly rooted in 60s and 70s grooves”. - Notion


“His ethereal sound has hints of both psychedelia and bedroom-pop, yet completely transforms these familiar elements into something new and exciting” - The Last Bus Magazine


“I immediately fell in love with Jordan Nash’s vocals. It’s stunning” - Jess Iszatt, BBC


Listen to the Sixty Four EP HERE


Watch the ‘LSD’ video HERE

03 NOVEMBER 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - Hotly-tipped 24 year-old West London performer and producer Jordan Nash has today released his debut EP Sixty Four alongside a brand new video for EP highlight ‘LSD’ by frequent creative collaborator Relta. Nash will also bring the Sixty Four EP to a live setting with a headline show at London’s Laylow on 30 November following his sold-out debut earlier this year. 


The Sixty Four EP features Nash’s stellar debut single ‘Nightmares’ - which premiered in August via The FADER - and the kaleidoscopic ‘Hillside’. Nash has already been the subject of glowing praise by The Line Of Best Fit (who crowned ‘Nightmares’ Song of the Day), CLASH, Notion, Dork, and Fred Perry Subculture amongst others. Speaking about ‘LSD’, Nash said: “This song took me longer than any other to finish, I just couldn’t put it down. It started with an acoustic riff I had written in my bedroom and was left as that for about 6 months. I became friends with an amazing producer Kurisu and we turned it into a super trippy interlude for a different project I was making. Another 6 months later I decided it would be way cooler if it had an extra verse! And that - plus a 100 layers of noise - is what you can hear today. I just wanted it to sound like a hallucination. Give it a try.”


An unwavering introductory statement, the Sixty Four EP is a sublime example of Nash’s deft versatility with genre. He says: “This first EP means a lot to me, I hold every moment close. It’s quite raw and exactly what I wanted to be talking about. I choose to be quite obscure with my lyrics to try and catch people out who are stepping too close on my trail, so I hope you can make them mean something to you, rather than me.”


“I also wanted to tease a bit of everything I can do with the songs, and not make them too 70s, too rap or too pop. But just to show I can, and will, do a bit of it all for always and forever.  There’s a theme across all songs that will start to make sense the longer I’m around too, and the visuals will amend that!”



Growing up with an expansive musical palette ranging from Young Thug to Beethoven to Elton John, Nash draws inspiration from a kaleidoscope of diverging avenues - including the counterculture of the ‘60s and ‘70s. “The music I’m currently working on feels like a lost page from a book written back then,” Nash explains. “I’m definitely influenced by almost everything, but late ‘60s and early ‘70s psychedelia is just so interesting to me. I’m always watching movies that are filmed in that period, or at least based around it. I find songs easier to write alongside a visual [accompaniment] more than other music.” 


A dextrous new talent on the scene, Nash crafts songs that leap across genres yet always embrace his own individuality. “Growing up I was always wishing I wrote some of the songs I was hearing, but now that I do make my own music, I learned it’s not the same feeling as hearing a song by someone else that really hits your heart. Besides my own music I don’t want to write anything else!” Nash says. “One lyric that made me really want to write my own music was “Don’t let them change ya / or even rearrange ya.” Bob Marley just simply knew what he wanted to do, and neither you nor I could change that.”



1. Nightmares 

2. Hillside

3. Sunshine 

4. LSD 

5. Orange Peel


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