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Listen to ‘Nightmares’ HERE 

Watch the ‘Nightmares’ music video HERE


25 AUGUST 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - Emerging 24 year old West London performer and producer Jordan Nash has today shared his debut single ‘Nightmares’, along with its accompanying video directed by Relta.


Co-written and co-produced by Nash and Brendan Grieve, debut single ‘Nightmares’ is the very first step on what is already shaping up to be a hugely exciting journey for the young psychedelic dream pop icon in the making. Nash explains of his debut single: “‘Nightmares’ is that “where's the party going next?” feeling. Realizing the shots are gonna keep coming and you just have to ride it out. Some of the best people around you end up being strangers you will probably never meet again- but for that moment it's the only trip to take. It's stumbling through the night, shades on, whiskey in a cola bottle… the last train home." 


Growing up with an expansive musical palette ranging from Young Thug to Beethoven to Elton John, Nash draws inspiration from a kaleidoscope of diverging avenues - including the counterculture of the ‘60s and ‘70s. “The music I’m currently working on feels like a lost page from a book written back then,” Nash explains. “I’m definitely influenced by almost everything, but late ‘60s and early ‘70s psychedelia is just so interesting to me. I’m always watching movies that are filmed in that period, or at least based around it. I find songs easier to write alongside a visual [accompaniment] more than other music.” 


A dextrous new talent on the scene, Nash crafts songs that leap across genres yet always embrace his own individuality. “Growing up I was always wishing I wrote some of the songs I was hearing, but now that I do make my own music, I learned it’s not the same feeling as hearing a song by someone else that really hits your heart. Besides my own music I don’t want to write anything else!” Nash says. “One lyric that made me really want to write my own music was “Don’t let them change ya / or even rearrange ya.” Bob Marley just simply knew what he wanted to do, and neither you nor I could change that.”