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21 APRIL 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - “The freneticism of the rhythm makes me wanna take off and start running or……just break something,” says Keith Urban of his song “Out The Cage,” which sees the debut of its music video today.   As with his current single “One Too Many,” Urban’s duet with P!nk, “Out The Cage” features an unlikely collaboration that includes a legendary funk master and a country-trap, artist.


Watch the video for "Out The Cage" ft. Breland & Nile Rodgers HERE


As Breland tells it he received an out-of-the-blue text from Urban.  “We should get together and write sometime - see what happens.” So, I said I’d be there tomorrow.  I mean, working with Keith Urban?  I was like, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity!” 


“It’s 9:30 the next morning, my phone rings and it’s Breland,” explains the four-time Grammy© Award winner.  “He says, ‘Hey, Keith.  It’s Breland.  I’m in your front yard.’   And along with the help of co-writers Sam Sumser and Sean Small comes “Out The Cage,” from Urban’s #1 album THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1.


The video, which Urban and Breland shot in Sydney (following a two-week quarantine) is a frantically paced, quick cut stream of imagery and performance that captures Out The Cage’sdriving intensity, as well as the combustibility of the creative relationship between Breland and Urban.  Add to the mix legendary funk master and Chic co-founder Nile Rodgers, who filmed his part from Connecticut, and this video lives up to its name.


“I get a phone call from Keith - and he’s my bro – so of course I jumped on the call,” says Rodgers.  He says, ‘Hey Nile, I got this song that I’m working on, can I send it to you?’  I listened for about 5 minutes” and as Urban tells it, “He called me 10 minutes later and said, ‘yo brother, this song is sick.”  


“Out The Cage” was one of four tracks written during the Covid lockdown, with the lyrical content exploring themes of freedom. “I really wanted this to speak to liberation of all sorts, even if somebody in a dead-end job, somebody stuck in a relationship that's going nowhere or someone who's imprisoned in their own mind." said Urban. 


Urban’s latest album, THE SPEED OF NOW Part 1, marks the fourth in an historic streak of simultaneous #1 album debuts in the United States, Canada and Australia also features the international hits “Polaroid,” and “Superman.”


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