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08 FEBRUARY 2021 (TORONTO, ON) - Kip Moore is set to release WILD WORLD (DELUXE) on Friday (February 12th). Offering four new tracks, the extended release of his fourth studio album follows the critical response and fervent fan demand following the release of WILD WORLD earlier this year. Upon its release critics were quick to note how “especially vital; occasionally, even rare” (Esquire) the collection is, as well as praise him for “digging deeper than ever before… his most honest music yet” (Entertainment Tonight), as the record has garnered over 165 million streams worldwide. Fans can preorder WILD WORLD DELUXE here.



  1. “Janie Blu” (Dan Couch, Kip Moore)
  2. “Southpaw” (Westin Davis, Kip Moore)
  3. “Fire And Flame” (Cary Barlowe, Brett James, Kip Moore, Will Weatherly)
  4. “Wild World” (Josh Miller, Kip Moore)
  5. “Red White Blue Jean American Dream” (Jimi Bell, Barton Davies, Luke Dick, Philip Lammonds)
  6. “She’s Mine” (Dan Couch, Kip Moore, Scott Stepakoff)
  7. “Hey Old Lover” (Dan Couch, Kip Moore)
  8. “Grow On You” (Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Kip Moore)
  9. “More Than Enough” (David Garcia, Josh Miller, Kip Moore)
  10. “Sweet Virginia” (Kip Moore, Manny Medina, Erich Wigdahl)
  11. “South” (Adam Browder, Dan Couch, Manny Medina, Kip Moore, Dave Nassie, Erich Wigdahl)
  12. “Crazy For You Tonight” (Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Kip Moore)
  13. “Payin’ Hard” (Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Kip Moore, Dave Nassie)
  14. “Don’t Go Changing” (Blair Daly, Westin Davis, Kip Moore )
  15. "Midnight Slow Dance" (Dan Couch, Mike Elizondo, Kip Moore)
  16. "How High" (Bobby Terry, Luke Dick, Westin Davis, Kip Moore)
  17. "Man’s Gotta Do" (Dan Couch, Westin Davis, Kip Moore)


Multi-PLATINUM singer/ songwriter Kip Moore has toured the world headlining his own shows, earning acclaim and a rabid fanbase as an all-in performer in each setting and most recently wrapping 40 sold-out headlining shows in The U.S, The U.K. and Canada. Praised by Noisey as “an uncompromising, genre-defying artist firing on all cylinders” Moore has blazed his own trail. Moore just released his revered fourth studio album with PEOPLE declaring “Wild World is filled with bold signposts about the enigmatic artist, his rebel appetite and his “reckless heart” and spawning his current Top 15 single “She’s Mine.” The current CMA “International Artist Achievement Award” nominee first splashed into the mainstream with the double-PLATINUM “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” in 2012, then followed up with three more best selling No. Ones (“Hey Pretty Girl,” “Beer Money” and “More Girls Like You”), a trio of ambitious, critically-praised albums and two gritty EPs that landed Moore on multiple “Best Of” lists. For more information visit